Snooki: Huge, Weird Lip Injections Set Internet on Fire!

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Snooki - AKA Nicole Polizzi - is going seriously overboard with her body enhancements. 

First it was those lips, and then it was Snooki's boob job, and now we're back to her lips ... presumably because she wanted to take the attention off her chest. 

Snooki Weird Huge Lips Photo

Snooks posted the above photo on Instagram with the caption, "You guys, it happened." 

"I'm a Hot Mess Soccer Mom watching Lorenzo kick ass on the field," she wrote.

Except that we never saw a soccer mom looking like this, and what is even happening with her upper lip?

We weren't the only ones to notice.

Snooki Back In The Jersey Shore House!

Snooki took a lot of flak over the picture, and especially on Twitter.

Some of the comments included, "Forget the boobs." 

"WTF happened to your face!! Your upper lip looks like a giant fly swatter."  

Another simply read, "Her lips, OMG." 

Snooki herself explained the lips away in a cheeky Twitter update. 

"I got slapped in the face by an octopus on vacation," she wrote. 

Snooki with Large Lips

The above photo is what those lips used to look like, the last time she said she was done with lip injections, and really it's not so bad.  

We are talking about Jersey Shore's Snooki, though, so you know whatever she does - or says - is only going to get bigger and more intense. 

In her final Twitter update, joking with those slamming her lips, she wrote, "Frozen lips are in, girl!"  

At least she can maintain a sense of humor over what the hell she's doing to her face, which is systematically destroying it needle and implant by needle and implant.  

Life sure is funny when you're Snooki, right? 

A Snooki Selfie

Here's some real talk, though, girl - leave the face alone. 

Your boobs actually look just fine, and to be honest, they aren't that much bigger than your former cup size. 

But your face?

You did your teeth, tried the lip thing, and now it's time to stop.  

You're gonna end up looking like something off The Real Catladies of Jersey Shore soon - co-starring Jocelyn Wildenstein. 

That thing doesn't really exist, but somebody should get on it stat - who wants to live in a world where it doesn't?

Jocelyn Wildenstein Plastic Surgery Meme

Good luck on the mug, girl.  

But stop before you - or your lips - get ahead of yourself, okay? 

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