Sexy Ken Bone Costume Sells Out; Legend of #TheBoneZone Continues

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Kenneth Bone: Man. Myth. Rocker of boss-ass red sweaters.

If you somehow haven't heard about Ken Bone by now, then you have our condolences.

Fortunately, it's not too late to get brought up to speed on the most important political figure of the 21st century.

Ken Bone

We understand that sounds like an exaggeration, but if anything, we should expand it to include the 20th century.

Hell, we'll throw the last couple decades of the 19th in there while we're at it. Suck it, Grover Cleveland!

Anyway, in case you missed the second presidential debate on Sunday night, Donald Trump didn't win.

But neither did Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton at Debate

So who emerged victorious?

You guessed it - the big homey Kenneth Bone won the debate by an overwhelming margin.

(They decide these things by who inspired the most memes, right?)

While Trump and Clinton fought for your vote for 90 minutes, Mr. Bone stole the nation's heart with just 30 seconds of screen time:

Now, he's reaping the rewards of overnight fame.

He's been on talk shows; he's racked up 174,000 Twitter followers, and even stars like Courtney Stodden want to bone Kenneth.

Now, in perhaps the surest sign that the man is a full-blown Internet sensation, a sexy Ken Bone Halloween costume offered on the website sold out almost instantly!

Sexy Ken Bone Costume

“It was clear before the debate had even ended who the real star was that night,” CEO Chad Horstman said in a statement.

“The Ken Bone phenomenon has only picked up speed since, and we knew right away that a sexy costume version would be in huge demand this Halloween season.”

Yes, it seems the whole world wants in on #TheBoneZone these days.

He's been dubbed the new Harambe, and Instagram personality @shitheadsteve makes a case for why Bone is actually superior to the late ape when it comes to inspiring memes:

Ken Bone Meme

It's hard to put Mr. Bone's appeal into words.

His debate appearance was pure lightning in a bottle - the sort of thing that can never be recreated.

The 'stache, the sweater, the hilariously pun-able name...

Yes We Ken Bone

All of these things are part of the fascination, but Kenneth is more than the sum of his parts.

Now, the only question is - who will Ken Bone vote for?

He's still undecided, but we're guessing by Election Day, one of the candidates will enjoy a #BoneBounce.

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