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It’s the question you will be hearing all day on Monday, and very likely throughout the upcoming week:

Who won the second Presidential Debate?

Did Hillary Clinton remain calm under pressure and make it clear why she’s the most qualified candidate for the highest office in the world?

Did Donald Trump successfully shoot down all criticism of his "locker room" talk in the most notorious video to ever be part of a Presidential campaign?

Kenneth Bone

We give readers a chance to respond to those questions and to voice their opinion on the debate victor in a poll below.

But let’s face it: we all know the identity of the debate’s true winner.

It was Kenneth Bone.

Nearly 90 minutes after Anderson Cooper pressed Trump on his strategy of sexually assaulting beautiful women and Clinton tried to compare herself to Abraham Lincoln, Bone was handed a microphone.

He was one of the undecided voters chosen by Gallop to sit in on this town hall and ask the candidates a question.

Dressed in a bright red sweater and khakis, Bone calmly inquired of Trump and Clinton just how the nominees would address the country’s energy needs … while keeping jobs and the environment in mind.

And he immediately became an Internet sensation in the process.

Perhaps you can understand why:

Many compared Bone to Zach Galifianakis, wondering if the St. Louis resident was the actor’s long-lost cousin.

And when Bone was spotted after the debate snapping pictures with a disposable camera, well… the Internet pretty much lost its mind.

"I think we can all agree that Ken Bone has brought Americans a little closer. Thank you #kenbone," one viewer Tweeted.

"Don’t let Ken Bone fool you. He knew he was going viral tonight," another wrote. "You don’t go white tie and disposable camera unless you know it’s your time." 

That may end up being the most intriguing question to come out of the debate:

Just how real is Ken Bone? Did he plan this nerdy outfit just to become semi-famous for 15 minutes? Do people like him really exist in the world?

The answers to these questions are far more pressing than what Donald Trump would do in Syria. (Answer: Donald Trump isn’t sure whqere Syria is.)

A parody account of Kennenth Bone quickly popped up on Twitter and had garnered nearly 2,000 followers shortly after the debate ended.

The first tweet? "I’m Kenneth Bone. Welcome to the Bone Zone."

It’s also worth noting that a parody Facebook account now exists.

"This is an official fan page for Kenneth Bone," it reads in its description, adding that Bone is "a wonderful man who asked a question in the second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on October 9, 2016.

"Just look at that stache."

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton at Debate

Heck, even CNN wrote an article last night that was titled "And the winner of the presidential debate is… Ken Bone."

Between the red cardigan, the white tie and the black-rimmed glasses, it’s hard to argue against this statement, isn’t it?

Thank goodness Bone rocked such an amazing look; between his ensemble and the pussy-bow worn by Melania Trump, debate viewers found a couple reasons to smile on Sunday.

Because the candidates themselves gave us plenty of reasons to vomit for most of the evening.

"Was so sad and ashamed throughout the entire spectacle but then KEN BONE rose like a Phoenix from America’s ashes and there’s laughter again," wrote another Twitter user.

Yet another speculated that all women should want a husband like Ken Bone, writing:

"I bet Ken Bone brings roses to his wife randomly. Just because. What a gem."

Indeed, you could learn a lot from Ken Bone, Donald Trump.

Okay, though. With this fun out of the way, it’s time to ask what we are obligated to ask:

Which candidate won the second Presidential Debate?