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Hope you’re ready for a great big mess of cuteness, because it’s about to hit you like a freight train.

A really tiny, incredibly adorable freight train.

Olivia Wilde has given birth to her second child with Jason Sudeikis, a darling little baby girl they named Daisy Josephine.

She was even kind enough to share a photo. Brace yourself:

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Olivia captioned the photo "There goes the neighborhood. Daisy Josephine Sudeikis. Born, like a boss, on #internationaldayofthegirl."

International Day of the Girl, by the way, was on October 11th, so little Daisy is only four days old.

Can you even stand how sweet this all is?

Olivia, if you’ll remember, announced that she and Jason were expecting a baby girl in a really moving way just last month.

Olivia Wilde Attends Global Citizens Festival

She tweeted an ad of Hillary Clinton’s that showed young girls looking at themselves in the mirror alongside clips of Donald Trump making cruel, body-shaming remarks about women.

The ad asked "Is this the president we want for our daughters?"

And for Olivia, the answer was a very emphatic "no."

"As someone who is about to have a daughter," she wrote, "this hits me deep in my core."

She added the very popular, very relevant "Never Trump" hashtag, and really we just could not love her more.

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Little Daisy joins two-year-old Otis Alexander in what has to be one of the most precious families in Hollywood.

Olivia’s said that Otis was very eager to welcome his little sister, explaining in an interview earlier this year that "He loves little babies."

"He has a Michael Jordan doll that he carries around sometimes. He uses the doll as either a hammer or a baby."

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Let’s all congratulate Olivia on her seriously gorgeous, extremely enviable family.

And Olivia, if you’re looking to adopt any older children — an adult gossip blogger, to be specific — just say the word.