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Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are having another child together. 

We already knew that much, but we were privy to more details other than that. 

Thanks to Hillary Clinton for posting her latest ad against Donald Trump, we now have more details!

Olivia Wilde Attends Global Citizens Festival

The latest ad focused on girls of all ages taking selfies and looking in the mirror. 

The odd thing about the whole thing was that Donald Trump could be heard in the background mocking the likes of Rosie O’Donnel and Nicolette Sheridan.

It was a great tactic to show the masses how Trump referred to women in the past, but could it really help Hillary eke out a victory over her nemesis?

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We don’t quite know the answer to that. 

Either way, it paved the way for Wilde to reveal that she’s having a little girl and we could not be more excited. 

“As someone who is about to have a daughter, this hits me deep in my core,” Olivia tweeted to her 1.8 million followers.

Look at the tweet for yourself below.

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That caption also served as confirmation that Olivia was totally not voting for Donald Trump.

She clearly isn’t a fan of the way he treats women.

Donald Trump, Thumbs Up!

Olivia already has one child with Jason. 

Their first child together, Otis, was born in 2014.

Olivia recently starred in the HBO drama, Vinyl. 

The show was renewed a little prematurely and it led to HBO reversing the renewal decision when it became apparent that viewers were not interested in the show. 

Initial reviews were good, but they got worse as the show progressed. 

More recently, she took to voice acting in Fox’s Son of Zorn. 

Jason plays the titular character of Zorn on the comedy series. 

Wilde has been vocal about wanting a unified approach worldwide to maternity. 

It led to her going makeup-free to raise awareness. 

What do you think about all of this?

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