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Mackenzie McKee is best known for her time on Teen Mom 3, but it’s probably safe to say that you’re about to know her for her remarkable ability to bounce back.

See, Mackenzie just gave birth to her third child on August 14th.

She had a little boy she named Broncs Weston McKee, for whatever reason, and she did not have a dainty little bump. Not by a long shot.

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There’s no shame in that, and it’s not like we’re judging her.

It’s just that when she’s always been very thin, so when she’s pregnant, her bump gets huge.

Like, the thing looked downright painful.

But in addition to having babies and giving them bizarre, unfortunate names, Mackenzie is also really into fitness.

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So when she hopped on Instagram yesterday to share a picture of what her body looked like exactly two months after giving birth, we perhaps shouldn’t have been surprised.

But we were.

We really, really were.

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That’s almost unbelievable, right? Like literally unbelievable.

It seems physically impossible that she’d be able to have that big of a transformation in just two months — and with three kids, one of them a newborn, to care for — but here we are.

And it sounds like Mackenzie’s a little bit of a sweetheart too, because she’s willing to share her magic secrets.

She captioned her photo "Two months PP today… Follow me on snapchat to see my daily meals and workouts."

Thanks but no thanks, girl.

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We would, we really would, but we’re pretty sure that your daily meals consist of air and lettuce and mystical potions and that your "workouts" are really just ritual sacrifices.

Seriously, how else could she possibly have snapped back that fast, especially after her third child?

It’s witchcraft, we tell you.

Really impressive, really baffling witchcraft.