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For the past several years, Heidi Klum has been the clear winner of Halloween.

There’s really no debating this fact. Just consider these Heidi Klum costumes.

But the supermodel’s time may have passed, as Niall Horan and James Corden made quite the effort on Wednesday night to grab the Halloween victor title from Klum.

They did so via a costume-themed spot of Ginuwine’s "Pony."

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Simply put, it was amazing.

The comedian and the One Direction singer titled their music video “Candy,” singing all about trick or treating on October 31.

In the footage – which we’ve featured above – The Late Late Show host and the very handsome artist they sang about candy. In a very sexual manner.

"When you break me off a Kit Kat, I’m going to make your Tootsie Pop," Horan crooned, for example.

And the stars also dressed the part, with rocking a number of costumes, from a pea in a pod… Dracula… to a ghost… to a cow… to a pirate. 

Niall Horan and James Corden in Costume

”I’m just a Batman, looking for some Pop Rocks, something that’s sweet inside, you look like the right fun size,” sang Corden at one point.

We may never look at candy or superheroes the same way ever again.

Again, you can check out this Late Late Show treat at the outset of this article.

And you can compare it to the original "Pony" video below. We know which one we’ll be watching again and again…

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As for his actual appearance as a guest on the late-night talk show, Horan refused to divulge which One Direction member he likes the least during the segment "Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts."

He was therefore forced to drink a salmon smoothie.

Later, however, when asked to choose whether he would rather spend his last night on earth with Selena Gomez or Ellie Goulding, Horan picked the latter.


Horan also debuted his solo track “This Town" on the program.

But it was overshadowed by "Candy." Whuch we totally need to go view again. Please excuse us.