19 Times Heidi Klum Won Halloween

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Heidi Klum is one of the best looking human beings on the planet.

But she covers up those looks every year on October 31, showcasing truly unique and creative Halloween costumes that leave fans talking years after she rocks them in public.

Heidi Klum as a very old woman? Heidi Klum as a walking cadaver? Yes and yes!

See all the amazing costumes Klum has come up with below...


1. As Fiona

As Fiona
This is Heidi Klum. No, really... this is a photo of super model Heidi Klum on Halloween!

2. The Winner... Every Year

The Winner... Every Year
Why does anyone even bother dressing up for Halloween any more? Klum simply owns this holiday. (And that's boyfriend Tom Kaulitz as Shrek.)

3. Shrek and Fiona

Shrek and Fiona
Klum may personally end up being responsible for another installment of Shrek to hit movie theaters.

4. Dance It Up, Heidi!

Dance It Up, Heidi!
Klum somehow designs her incredible outfits so that she can shake her groove thing in them, as you can see here.

5. With Willy Wonka

With Willy Wonka
That's Zac Posen in the Willy Wonka outfit, in case you're wondering. Everyone looks great!

6. A Gorgeous Granny

A Gorgeous Granny
Yup, those are varicose veins all over Klum's body. Talk about going all out for a costume!

7. Inside Heidi Klum

Inside Heidi Klum
Many men around the world have wanted to go inside Heidi Klum. But they probably didn't mean it like this.

8. Out of This World!

Out of This World!
This costume sure it out of this world. Going as an alien isn't all that creative, but no one goes all out like Heidi Klum does.

9. Something to Crow About

Something to Crow About
Using a mini-skirt, fishnet-stockings and full-on black feathers, Klum became a crow. We love this outfit because it's so random. Who thought of her dressing as a crow?!?

10. A Controversial Costume

A Controversial Costume
Klum actually got in some trouble for dressing as Kali, an Indian goddess who come believed should not have been mocked in any way.

11. A Beautiful Butterfly

A Beautiful Butterfly
Klum went as a colorful butterfly in 2014. We're not entirely sure how she squeezed through doors in this thing.

12. Rar!

No, dressing as a cat isn't all that unique. But Klum put her sexy body on full display for this one.

13. Making Biblical Sense

Making Biblical Sense
Klum was eight months pregnant with she came up with this amazing idea: the apple and the serpent from the Garden of Eden. You are not forbidden from ogling this picture!

14. God Loves Fangs!

God Loves Fangs!
Well, we do at least. Klum got her elaborate vampire on in 2005.

15. A Witchy Way

A Witchy Way
Rocking a very short red dress and long red wig with bones sticking out, Klum went as a witch. But not your garden variety black-themed, scantily-clad witch.

16. Pure Gold

Pure Gold
We're all the way back in 2003 for this Heidi Klum costume. Would you even recognize her as a gold alien if we didn't tell you it was her?

17. Betty Boop!

Betty Boop!
Boop, there it is! Klum is striking a sexy pose in this Hallowee get-up, but she doesn't look all that sexy when dressed as this character.

18. As Lady Godiva

As Lady Godiva
Talk about going all out! Klum dressed as this legendary noblewoman for her first-ever Halloween party. Impressive, huh?

19. Heidi Klum as Jessica Rabbit

Heidi Klum as Jessica Rabbit
Heidi Klum has done it again! She went out for Halloween as Jessica Rabbit in 2015. Amazing!

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