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LeBron James has taken the unusual step of endorsing a Presidential candidate.

It’s unusual to see a sports figure make such a public pronouncement, but it’s also unusual for one of our two political parties to nominate a manipulative, lying bigot for the highest office in the land.

So LeBron clearly felt a need to make his famous voice heard.

LeBron James in Uniform

And this is how he has done so:

Via an op-ed that ran first in Business Insider and then on Monday in the Akron Beacon Journal.

A day ahead of Hillary Clinton making a campaign stop in his swing state of Ohio, James explained why the Democratic nominee has his full support.

“If basketball has taught me anything, it’s that no one achieves greatness alone. And it takes everyone working together to create real change,” James wrote in his endorsement.

He went on to add that he grasps the struggles of a kid born into poverty in Akron, Ohio. Because that’s who he is.

And when he thinks about the policies and ideas that children in his LeBron James Family Foundation need from government, the choice of which candidate to back is clear.

That candidate is Hillary Clinton, he writes.

Hillary Clinton: Selfie with Fans

“I believe in what President Obama has done for our country,” James also write, explaining that he supports Clinton’s “commitment to continuing that legacy."

He doesn’t mention Donald Trump at any point in the piece, preferring to remain positive than throw any shade in the direction of the Republican hopeful.

Trump is (somehow) leading in the polls in Ohio at the moment, making James’ endorsement of Clinton a potentially powerful one.

The Donald needs Ohio if he wants any chance of winning this election next month and every vote really does matter.

Moreover, Trump has been a huge fan of James’ for years now and will likely take this Clinton endorsement as a personal snub. Just consider:

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Then again, if asked about LeBron, Trump will probably deny having ever heard of him.

James has never shied away from speaking his mind when it comes to social issues.

He took to the stage at the ESPYs in July and pleaded for the country to come together in order to quell gun violence, while he also responded last month to questions about Colin Kaepernick.

Here is what the three-time NBA champion had to say about the controversial quarterback:

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Concluded James in this op-ed: 

There’s still a lot of work to be done in Akron, Northeast Ohio, and all across our great country. We need a president who understands our community and will build on the legacy of President Obama.

So let’s register to vote, show up to the polls, and vote for Hillary Clinton.

Other celebrities who we know will be pulling the level for Clinton on November 8 include Demi Lovato, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and Eva Longoria.

Scott Baio and Antonio Sabato Jr. will be voting for Trump.