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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are terrible at this whole divorce thing.

It’s like they just don’t understand the concept.

It’s been well over a year since Affleck and Garner separated, and still neither party has taken any steps to legally pull the plug on their FUBAR marriage.

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In fact, Bennifer 2.0 might be the only celebrity couple in history to be subject to more rumors after they went their separate ways.

From the moment they split, rumors about Ben and Jen getting back together have been circulating online non-stop.

Of course, this isn’t a case of tabloids and social media going off without cause.

Affleck and Garner have been photographed together on numerous occasions since their split, sometimes with their kids, sometimes without.

There was even a rumor that Ben and Jen were attending marriage counseling together several months after they went their separate ways.

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Now, the couple might have taken the biggest step yet in their reconciliation efforts.

Several media outlets (some more reputable than others) are reporting that Affleck and Garner have moved back in together.

Or maybe we should say Ben was permitted to move back in with Garner.

Whatever the case, these two are said to be cohabiting once again.

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Thus far, neither camp has denied the reports.

In fact, recent comments that Ben made seem to confirm that he’s once again living the nuclear family life.

“I was doing math homework last night,” Ben Affleck told E! News last week.

“When I’m there, you’re stuck with your parents helping you with your homework.

Jennifer Garner And Ben Affleck in Los Angeles

"Jen’s very good at math [too]. So far, my eldest kid is in fifth grade and they haven’t passed me yet. But I feel like in seventh or eighth grade I’m going to start worrying that they’re going to lose me.”

That’s actually a legit concern. 

Eighth grade math is when sh-t starts getting real.

We like to imagine Ben getting frustrated and being all, "Eh, screw it. You’re dad was Batman. You’re never gonna need to know the Pythagorean theorem."

But hey, if he’s ever really struggling, Ben can always call up his buddy Matt Damon for help.

We understand he’s some sort of math genius.

Yes, we’re under the impression Good Will Hunting was a documentery. How do you like them apples?