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The Lady Gaga musical hiatus is officially over.

The singer had taken a little break from actually singing in order to focus on acting, appearing on the last two seasons of American Horror Story.

But she just released a new album. She’s booked for the Super Bowl halftime show in February. She just performed on Saturday Night Live.

Oh, and she joined James Corden on Tuesday night for a new segment of Carpool Karaoke! Yes! Check it out below!

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Prior to Gaga jumping into a car with Corden, the artist took over the comedian’s monologue, joking that she should now be known as “Lady Ha Ha.”

(We can’t lie. We laughed at that reference.)

Lady Gaga then quipped that Donald Trump is launching a nightly news show on Facebook in which he’ll air his rallies, explaining how this was akin to her concerts.

However, as opposed to her Little Monsters, Trump has “actual Monsters.”

(We did not laugh at that. We’ve heard far better Trump jokes.)

The star added that the program is supposed to really “grab you by the pussy.”

As for the Carpool Karaoke itself? Don’t worry. It did not disappoint.

Lady Gaga and James Corden

At one point, Gaga and Corden hit some traffic, prompting the former to break into a serious case of road rage, which led her and the late-night host to do an impromptu rendition of Ludacris’ “Move Bitch.”

The mood lightened after that, though, thanks to a spirited duet of Gaga’s “Bad Romance,” along with performances of “Perfect Illusion,” “The Edge Of Glory,” “Born This Way,” “Million Reasons,” and “Poker Face."

The artist claimed she wrote that last song (along with a few other hits) in just 10 minutes.

She also discussed about how she bought hundreds of articles of clothing from Michael Jackson’s estate.

Later on, Corden and Lady Gaga talked about her upcoming Super Bowl appearance, while the two hilariously recreated the singer recreating the call to do the this halftime gig.

Lady Gaga Carpool Karaoke Photo

The best part, however, simply had to be when the late-night host wore one of Lady Gaga’s signature look, quipping:

“I love it. I mean, not ideal for driving, but I do feel alive.”

We’re not sure how we feel after witnessing this:

Carpool Karaoke Time

The stars also discussed how Gaga recently got her driver’s license, switching seats at one point so that the singer got behind the wheel.

But Corden couldn’t handle this "terrifying" experience and the two eventually switched back.

Gaga is merely the latest superstar to join Corden for this fun skit.

Other musicians who have sang Carpool Karaoke with him have included Gwen Stefani, Adele, Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber.