Lady Gaga: New Album Name & Release Date Announced

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Lady Gaga dropped her new song, "Perfect Illusion" just last week and it got her fans clamoring for more of the pop sensation. 

As is the case with most artists, the album reveal comes slightly after the lead single's release. 

Gaga has now revealed that her new album will be titled "Joanne."

Lady Gaga Parties In NYC

It will be a nod to her late aunt, Joanne Germanotta, who died of Lupus in 1974, at the age of 19. 

"She is the woman of my past," Gaga revealed in an interview with Zayn Lowe on Beats 1. 

We must admit, this is a fantastic way to honor her aunt. 

Her family also has an Italian restaurant in New York's Upper West Side that also serves as a nod to Joanne. 

It is named Joanne Trattoria. 

Gaga took to Instagram to reveal the album artwork and release date. 

The album will drop on October 21, so mark your calendars. 

She worked very closely with Mark Ronson on the album, so you know its going to be a good one. 

Has he ever released any bad music?

He's a lyrical genius and pairing up with Gaga can only mean good things for her career. 

Lady Gaga "Joanne" Album Cover

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney recently called off their relationship and some fans were quick to wonder whether her latest single was about Kinney

It would make a lot of sense, but she was quick to shut these rumors down and made it clear that the song was not a hit out at her ex. 

She also maintained that they are good friends. 

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Gaga has been super busy recently. 

She also has a starring role on American Horror Story. 

The most recent season was shrouded in secrecy as FX did not want to reveal any plot details about the new iteration of the smash hit series. 

Usually FX reveals months in advance what the theme will be, but they opted to keep quiet this time round. 

American Horror Story: Hotel Pic

The curiosity factor did not result in increased ratings for the series.  

It premiered slightly lower than last year's edition. 

Viewers did not get to see who Lady Gaga is playing this season on the show. 

That will probably be reserved for next week's episode to keep viewers tuning in. 

The new series has received positive critical response since debuting. 

What do you think about Gaga's new album honoring her late aunt?

Hit the comments below!

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