Kim Zolciak Bares Butt to Show Off Latest Cosmetic Procedure

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Kim Zolciak has an awful lot in common with that other reality star Kim:

They both like to show off their backsides; they've figured out how to maintain steady incomes despite never doing any real work; and they both tend to be a little less than honest about what sort of cosmetic procedures they've undergone:

Just last week, Zolciak claimed she's never had any plastic surgery. Today, she posted this video:

As you can see, that's Kim getting ass injections to combat cellulite.

She captioned the photo:

"Had to make a stop by @simonourianmd1 office last week while in LA! I can't believe how much better my little dimples look," she captioned the video.

"I'm sooooo excited. No negative Nancy's please I love to share my 'secrets' with you guys. I do it because it works and It makes me feel better about me."

Kim Zolciak Interview Pic

In fairness, it's not technically plastic surgery.

And Kim only claimed that she hadn't had any work done on her face.

Naturally, fans responded by circulating before-and-after photos all over social media, and being all,"Oh, reeeeeeally?"

Kim Zolciak Before and After

In all likelihood, she's probably well aware that the average person doesn't make much of a distinction between plastic surgery and implants/injections/whatever the hell else Kim has had done.

So she can claim she's never had any plastic surgery and we guess she's technically sort of, kind of telling the truth.

But the fact remains cosmetic procedures are still a very big part of Kim's life.

Fortunately for us, she enjoys showing off the results on social media.

Kim Zolciak Butt Image

There's no denying she looks good.

And, hey, even better is the fact that we know this pic is consensual.

Unlike when Kim posted a nude photo of Kroy Biermann without his knowledge.

Yes, as long as Kim keeps her TMI weirdness to herself it's all good. 

She can do whatever she wants to her own body, and really, lying about it is just a waste of time, because no one really cares.

It's when Kim talks about plastic surgery for her 2-year-old daughter that people get concerned.

Yes, sadly, that's a thing that actually happened.

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