Joseline Hernandez: Faking Pregnancy? Deleted Ultrasound Photo Raises Questions

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Is Joseline Hernandez of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta really pregnant, as she gleefully (and disdainfully, re: Stevie J) announced this month?

Joseline Hernandez GIF

It's been quite the last few months for Joseline and Stevie J.

What's gone on in real life easily trumps the drama you see when you watch Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta online, too, which says a lot.

First, she nastily broke up with longtime partner/fake husband Stevie, who she accused of being gay (among a number of other things).

Then she got into a heated beef with him on Twitter (below), and shared the results of a lie detector test proving Stevie J watches gay porn.

Purported results. You know how those things are.

And how she is. Given that Joseline is a pathological liar and wildly unstable, you can see why some fans might doubt she's expecting.

Stevie J, for his part, says he doesn't think he got Joseline Hernandez pregnant. Not for gay porn reasons, she's-a-sociopath reasons.

Well, a suspect maneuver over an ultrasound photo she posted on social media has many skeptics doubting her even more strongly.

Joseline Hernandez Ultrasound

Last week, after posting a pic of her alleged baby bump, and saying Stevie J disavowed it, and good riddance, she shared the above image.

Now, as Starcasm notes in its post on this developing story, you will notice that the baby sonogram is watermarked by Tha Celebritea.

This is because Joseline deleted the image after sharing it.

Why should Hernandez do such a thing? Because it's not even her baby, some critics suspect, and there's ample reason to be suspicious.

She claims to be a few months along, and while it's hard to say for sure, the development of the baby above could be consistent with that.

At the same time, you're probably talking 3-5 months along, and during Joseline's recent public appearance, well ... she doesn't look it.

Joseline Hernandez Cleavage

Need we say more? 

Obviously, every woman carries differently - see Tess Holliday and Brittany Raven - and Joseline is never shy about showing off her body.

Ever. But still ...

Given that Hernandez lies like it's her job, including about a pregnancy in 2014 we might add, and looks like this at the present time?

You tell us:

Joseline Hernandez: Faking Her Pregnancy?

Stevie J, as we said, expressed disbelief about the alleged baby in her ... which caused Joseline to calmly engage in respectful dialogue.

Just kidding, she went absolutely bonkers as per usual.

She lashed out at Stevie by claiming that he molested his own daughter; Mimi Faust, the little girl's mother, promptly came to his defense.

All we can say for sure is that these two never cease to entertain ... and that if Joseline is somehow pregnant, she'd better save money.

Kid's going to need a whole team of psychiatrists.

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