Joseline Hernandez: Pregnant By Young Dro, Not Stevie J?!

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Always unstable, often combative Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta cast member Joseline Hernandez claims she is pregnant ... emphasis on claims.

Young Dro

Might her longtime partner Stevie J not be the father, though?

Back in May, Hernandez was spotted with the rapper Young Dro, and some people online accused her of cheating on Stevie with him.

A bit of a reach, but maybe there's something to it after all?

Hernandez says she is pregnant by Stevie J, with whom she went through an extremely public, and bitter, breakup not too long ago.

She also claims that Stevie J disavowed the unborn child ... and that he watches gay porn, that she passed a lie detector test to prove this.

Oh, and he also molests his own daughter with Mimi Faust, if you take Joseline's word at face value (which we highly suggest not doing).

Stevie hasn't had the best track record himself when it comes to the truth, but to say Joseline plays fast and loose with it is an understatement.

We would almost assume Joseline is faking her pregnancy at this point, as some fans believe, or at least put the odds around 50-50.

Stevie J Face
Joseline Hernandez Ultrasound

Although ... that brings us back to Young Dro.

Recently, Dro sat down for a radio interview, and the rapper asked not only about hooking up with Joseline, but if he fathered her child.

"No comment," he said. Seriously, that's it.

If you don't want people to assume that you got your co-star pregnant, a more firm response one way or the other is probably preferable.

Just a thought for you baby daddies out there.

After the news of Joseline's pregnancy surfaced, Stevie J spoke out and said "Time reveals all things," which some took as a denial.

J, Stevie
Joseline Hernandez Baby Bump

Of him being the dad, her being pregnant, or both? It's unclear, but there's a lot of shady stuff going on with these VH1 stars, for sure.

Hernandez, of course, fired back on Twitter.

"I never asked you for anything," she wrote.

"DNA test don't lie. You are a worthless son of a b----, but thank God you are disclaiming the baby. Good. We don't want your last name."

Disclaiming? Is that a word? We digress ...

Meanwhile, a separate report claims that Stevie J got Ms. Jackson pregnant. Yes, he may be expecting with Joseline AND his assistant.

It's only a matter of time until we know for sure what's going on here, but just to sum up this hilarious saga by the numbers real quick:

Already the father of five children (that we know of) Steven Jordan is presently expecting between 0-2 additional kids with his co-stars.

Really, quite an impressive feat.

Whether it's zero, one or two at the end of the day, it should make for a hell of a good season to watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta online.

That is all.

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