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It’s no surprise that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are not exactly progressive and open-minded when it comes to social issues.

On matters pertaining to sex and relationships in particular, the Duggars make Mike Pence look like Charlie Sheen.

Of course, their conservative views did little to prevent (and may have contributed to the causes of) the various Duggar sex scandals of the past year, but don’t tell that to Jim Bob and Michelle.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar: NOT Divorced!

The Duggars believe straying from the sexual norm in any way is inherently sinful.

And their idea of the sexual norm means no activity outside of a marriage between a man and a woman.

Yes, it’s hard to believe these views still exist in 2016, but the Duggars take pride in their backwards stances.

So perhaps it should come as no surprise that Jim Bob and Michelle snuck in a dig at the LGBTQ community in their latest blog post.

Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar

The post – a list of things the Duggars pray for for their children – seemed innocent enough.

And indeed, things started out in the fashion you might expect:

"1. Their salvation," the list began.

"2. Their mate."

"3. That they might fall in love with God’s word."

There are a couple unintentionally hilarious ones in their, given the source.

("8. That they would be kept from the love of money." HA!)

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Photograph

But ultimately, the list is pretty inoffensive…

…until you get to the very end:

"16. That our boys would be glad to be boys and our girls glad to be girls."

If you’re interpreting that as a statement of blatant transphobia … well, you’re absolutely right to do so!

Michelle Duggar Crazy Eyes

And not surprisingly, this isn’t the first time that the Duggars have made their feelings on gender norms abundantly clear.

In 2014, Michelle Duggar devoted herself to the effort to fight an Arkansas anti-discrimination law designed to protect the rights of trans individuals with regard to employment, housing, and access to public facilities.

Sadly, in December of that year, the law was overturned and state legislators credited the Duggar family with making it possible.

To underscore her point, Michelle has cut off all contact with her openly gay sister, Evelyn Ruark, who has reportedly suffered harassment from Duggar fans on multiple occasions.

Interestingly, Michelle and her husband have welcomed Josh Duggar – who is guilty of molesting four young girls, four of whom were his sisters – back into their lives with open arms.

But hey, at least he doesn’t wish he were a woman or something crazy like that, right?