Shannen Doherty: Working Out After Chemotherapy!

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Shannen Doherty is kicking cancer's ass.

The Beverly Hills, 90210 star has been chronicling her journey to beating breast cancer, sharing every step - be it brave, ugly, scary, heart-breaking or all of the above - on Instagram.

“Hey guys, so it’s the day after chemo as you can see — red face, a little bit puffy from the steroids," Doherty told fans on October 6th.

"I’m not feeling too great. I’m really tired. I was nauseous last night and achy. Everything sort of typical after chemo."

Doherty recorded the video as she was being driven down California's Pacific Coast Highway.

“I would prefer to be laying in bed right now and doing nothing, but guess where I’m heading? Going to go work out.”

"After chemo day. I believe that just moving helps so much in the healing process.

"It’s not always easy and sometimes I can’t do it the next day but I try to make an effort to get the blood flowing and the toxins out of my body thru working out.

"Some days are easy workouts and other days I push it but the key is to MOVE!!! This is for any illness. Obviously check with your doctor.

"The road to recovery is paved with all sorts of different material."

Doherty's next video showed her dancing in step with her instructor.

For anyone who has every gone through chemo or has watched a loved one go through chemo, seeing them up, moving and enjoying themselves is fantastic.

“Let me tell ya…. shaking your booty is hard work with my Neda who’s been helping me move and get toxins out," Doherty captioned the video.

"Yes I was tired, yes I wanted to be in bed but I went and moved and felt way better. Any exercise during illness is good.

"We can do it!!! #beastmode with @jammalibu."

Brenda Walsh is a warrior.

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