Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt Divorce: Jennifer Aniston Reacts!

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are splitting up, and somewhere Jennifer Aniston is filing her nails and whistling.

Pitt famously left Aniston - whom he married in 2005 - after hooking up with Jolie on the 2003 set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Ever since, the media has pegged Aniston as the poor, deserted wife who couldn't give Pitt what he needed.

Hah! Aniston is still super-hot, still super-employed and married to Justin Theroux.

She's fine.

The internet imagined Aniston's reaction to news of the divorce filing, and it was spot-on.

1. When The Barista Asks If You Heard

When The Barista Asks If You Heard
"Yeah...can I have my coffee?"

2. Call Yo Friends

Call Yo Friends
@laurenduca: .@Pontifex "What do you think Jennifer Aniston is doing rn?"

3. Hi, There

Hi, There
@Max_read: "jennifer aniston has been upgraded from "fine" to "great" in the first reassessment of her condition since 2005."

4. Cah-Losure

‏@andilavs: "Actually, I think I'll have a bagel this morning. With cream cheese. And a margarita." - Jennifer Aniston, probably.

5. You Know She's Scrolling Through Twitter RN

You Know She's Scrolling Through Twitter RN
@missklonk: "The most disappointing thing about the #brangelina split is #JenniferAniston doesn't have social media to enjoy all the memes about her."

6. The People Have Spoken, Brad

The People Have Spoken, Brad
‏@Kwayanyways: "Let's make September 20th, the international #JenniferAniston day #BrangelinaIsOver."

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