Nathan Griffith: Jenelle Evans Is an UNFIT MOTHER & Her Boyfriend Is an Abuser!

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The custody battle between Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith just turn an unexpected turn, and it's not in the Teen Mom 2 star's favor.

Nathan n' Jenelle

Nathan just filed a motion with the court to obtain "permanent primary custody" of their one-year-old son Kaiser, and with it came a slew of allegations declaring Jenelle an unfit mother.

In court documents obtained by Radar Online, Nathan accuses Jenelle of permitting him to see his son on only two occasions since they broke up, one of which took place at a Chuck E. Cheese in January.

Nathan claimed that he drove several hours to see his son, but the visit was supervised by Jenelle's current live-in boyfriend David Eason and lasted only 30 minutes.

Clearly dissatisfied with this arrangement, Nathan wants full custody of Kaiser and is pulling out all the stops.

The documents filed by Nathan contain close to 90 items that make the case against Jenelle and are painful to sift through, so we'll break down the highlights for you:

  • Nathan points out that Jenelle is facing a charge of assault for throwing a glass at his current girlfriend. 
  • Jenelle moved in with current boyfriend David Eason after just a few weeks of dating.
  • Eason is a "drug user" with "very bad anger problems" who has "threatened to kill" and "committed an act of domestic violence" against his ex-girlfriend while she was pregnant.
  • Jenelle complained that Nathan took Kaiser out of state without her permission although she has done the same on many occasions.
  • Jenelle travels frequently and often leaves Kaiser with her friend Victoria Rhyne, who has bragged on social media about using illegal drugs. 
  • Jenelle changed her phone number and will not provide the new number to Nathan.
  • Eason has sent "inappropriate" texts to Nathan that have nothing to do with Kaiser.
  • Jenelle is a former drug addict who continued to use marijuana up until three months ago, which she admitted on the TV show The Doctors.
  • Jenelle admitted to quitting pot only because she is trying to win back custody of her other son, Jace, from her mother.

Clearly, Nathan is going for the friggin' jugular.

Of course, it's not as though Nathan has a squeaky clean past himself - he has also been arrested multiple times and Jenelle recently told Us Weekly that he disappeared and no one knows where he is.

Jenelle and Nathan are scheduled to face off in court this Monday, and it looks as though Jenelle has some serious explaining to do. ​

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