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On Wednesday, four women came forward to accuse Donald Trump of sexual assault.

The incidents took place over the course of several decades in locales as varied as the first-class section of a commercial jet and Trump’s lavish Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

Trump has called the women liars, attacked their physical appearances, and accused them of conspiring against him, but thus far, none of them has backed down.

In fact, his vitriolic response seems only to have emboldened at least one of the women: 74-year-old Jessica Leeds, who, in the clip above, gives a shocking account of being groped and harassed by Trump aboard a flight to New York City in 1979.

“He [kissed me] wherever he could find a landing spot," Leeds tells Anderson Cooper.

"He was grabbing my breasts and trying to turn me towards him.

"Then after a bit, that’s when his hands started, I was wearing a skirt, his hands started going towards my knee and up my skirt.”

Donald Trump Debate Photo

Leeds adds that the attack continued for roughly 15 minutes, and she hoped for someone to intervene for the duration.

When Trump put his hands "up her skirt," Leeds says, she got up and returned to coach, where she had been sitting before her being offered a free ticket upgrade.

“I went all the way back to the last seat in the last aisle, and when the plane landed I made sure I was the last person off the plane," Leeds says.

She added that she ran into Trump two years after the alleged incident and not surprisingly, he was not happy to see her.

Donald Trump in Florida

“You’re that [expletive] from the plane," Trump said according to Leeds, who declined to specify what expletive the real estate mogul used.

The reports of sexual misconduct couldn’t come at a worse time for the Trump campaign.

Just weeks away from the election, it seems not a day goes by without another report of appalling behavior from the realty-star-turned-presidential-candidate.

The deluge of allegations started last Friday, when footage of Trump boasting about sexual assault was released by the Washington Post.

Since then, the Trump campaign has been bombarded with damaging new accusations on a daily basis.

Thus far, the candidate has yet to offer any compelling counter-evidence, but his campaign has hinted that he’s planning to sue at least one of the accusers.