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C’mon, you didn’t really think you’d get through a day without a new report of Donald Trump being a sexist douche bag, did you?

The latest comes to us from the set of The Apprentice, a show from the time when “rich guy from the ’80s who yells a lot” was still a funny character and not a daily reminder that one of our major-party presidential candidates is an all-caps YouTube comment come to life.

Understandably, Trump prefers to focus on the portion of his career during which he slapped his name on a bunch of things with big gold letters rather than the period of time when he was best known for sh-t canning people on TV. 

Now we may know a bit more about why that is.

The Associated Press recently interviewed 20 staffers and contestants from The Apprentice and naturally, they asked about the Donald’s behavior on set.

You may want to sit down for this:

It turns out … he was a complete asshat!

We know. You’re astonished.

Donald Trump Debate Photo
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“We were in the boardroom one time figuring out who to blame for the task,” recalled one former producer, “and he just stopped in the middle and pointed to someone and said, ‘You’d f–k her, wouldn’t you? I’d f–k her. C’mon, wouldn’t you?'”

In fairness, Trump is hardly the first presidential candidate to let his little head do the thinking, but the JFKs and the Bill Clintons of the world have the decency to do their objectifying (mostly) behind closed doors!

Of course, by Trump standards, the comments above are downright tame.

So naturally things get much, much worse from there:

Eight crewmembers say Trump repeatedly commented on a particular camera woman’s backside, “comparing her beauty to that of his daughter, Ivanka.”

Donald Trump in Akron
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If you didn’t just throw up in your mouth a little, go back and read that sentence again.

According to former contestant Gene Folkes, during the filming of the show’s first season, Trump called for female contestants to wear shorter skirts and reveal more cleavage.

Randal Pinkett, who won his season of the show in 2005, commented that Trum would openly discuss which women on set he’d like to sleep with, even though he had just married Melania Knauss the year prior.

A producer named Katherine Walker says she was frequently made uncomfortable by comments Trump made about the other women on the show’s staff.

Donald Trump, Thumbs Up!
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She recalls multiple incidents in which Trump speculated about which women would “tigers in bed.”

So yeah, long before he body-shamed Kim Kardashian

Before he tweeted about Alicia Machado’s non-existent sex tape

Donald Trump was still a misogynistic jackass

Of course, this latest revelation will cost him exactly zero votes, because as Trump himself once observed, he could gun someone down in broad daylight and not lose any support.

In fact, just in the past 48 hours Trump made a truly despicable comment about veterans suffering from PTSD, and we learned there’s a good chance he hasn’t paid taxes in 18 years.

So really, a little old school sexism might be a welcome distraction for his campaign.