Blac Chyna to Son King Cairo: You Ugly!

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Would it kill Blac Chyna to just be decent and likable and cute for one single second? Would it really be that terrible and difficult for her?

All signs point to yes.

Take, for instance, this video Chyna just shared to her Instagram page.

It starts off great: she's just wearing a sports bra, so you can see that great big baby bump in all its glory.

She starts dancing to "Juju on That Beat," which is both cute and impressive, considering she's over 37 weeks pregnant at this point.

It's all going great, but then at the end of the video, she walks over to her son, King Cairo, and starts singing the lyrics directly to him.

Which wouldn't be such a big deal, but did you hear exactly how those lyrics go?

"You ugly. You your daddy's son."'

And what a damn disappointment.

Blac Chyna Testimonial

King's daddy is, of course, Tyga, and he and Chyna have had a whole mess of issues ever since they broke up back in 2014.

Less than a month after we heard about their split, Tyga was romantically connected to Kylie Jenner, who had just turned 17 at the time.

A few months after that, Tyga was reportedly trying to get primary custody of King, claiming that Chyna twerked too much to be a good mother (seriously, that was his reasoning -- 2014 was such a trip).

2015 saw Chyna releasing texts she'd received from Tyga, begging her to take him back so that they could "be a family" again.

She and Kylie also started a long, ridiculous feud. Remember when Chyna wore those huge wax lips to make fun of Kylie's over-injected mouth? Classic.

Things between Chyna and Tyga got super weird earlier this year when she got engaged to and pregnant by Rob Kardashian, making for an extraordinarily awkward family situation.

Rob Kardashian Blac Chyna Date Night

But then she and Kylie made friends -- they actually claimed that they'd been "best friends the whole time."

If it sounds like a mess, that's because it really, really is, and things only got messier earlier this month when King celebrated his fourth birthday.

A report claimed that Chyna believed Tyga and Kylie stole her idea for his party, and they they tried to one up her by having a bigger, better celebration with the same Ferarri theme.

Blac Chyna & King Cairo Smiling

All this is to say that there's some really bad blood between Chyna and Tyga, and for her to call their son "ugly" because "you your daddy's son," even if they're just lyrics, is questionable at best.

Just do better, OK, Chyna?

It's really not that hard to be better than this.

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