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Naya Rivera’s new book, Sorry Not Sorry is proving to be quite the page turner.

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Earlier today, Rivera opened up about her 2010 abortion, which she wrote about in the book.  

What was also mentioned was her relationship with Glee co-star Mark Salling, who is awaiting trial for child pornography charges.

Perhaps the juiciest section of Rivera’s book details her not-so-pleasant relationship with Lea Michele, who was rumored to be the Fox hit’s biggest diva.

Michele, who had already gotten a taste of the limelight starring on Broadway’s Spring Awakening, threw a bit of a fit when the air conditioner broke during season one rehearsals.

Michele, Rivera remembers, "kept threatening to call SAG about the unsafe working conditions."

Rivera wrote that she and most of her fellow cast members were pretty close, and always threw parties at Kevin McHale and Jenna Uschkowitz’s home, which they all nicknamed the "Love Nest."

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Michele wasn’t much of a party animal, and only once made an appearance at the Love Nest.

"Lea does not go out," Rivera explained.

"She wanted to let her hair down, so she drank two hot toddies while she was there."

Oh, girl.

"The rest of us were slamming champagne and vodka, and Lea’s in the kitchen making tea."

One night, Rivera and co-star Heather Morris did a strip-tease kind of dance for Cory Monteith, Michele’s boyfriend.

"I’m pretty sure Cory had a hard-on the entire time," Rivera joked (or half-joked).

That same evening, Monteith asked Rivera why they had never hooked (oldest trick in the book).  While the did share a "quick" peck, Rivera wrote, "Cory and I had a very brotherly/sisterly relationship."

Once, however, Monteith started dating Michele, Rivera noticed a change in him.

"The more serious they got, the less Cory hung out with us, and the more he seemed like a different person."

When Chris Colfer wrote an episode, he invited some dogs onto the set. 

"One particular Glee star," Rivera wrote, decided to "amp up her b**** factor

"She made a huge deal about the dogs, and demanded hand sanitizer any time one came near her."

Without naming names, we can assume this particular star was Michele.

When Rivera spoke up about Michele’s behavior in 2014, she allegedly insulted a producer in the process, and found out the next day that she had been fired from Glee.

"So I guess you can throw a b*** fit, lock yourself in your trailer, stall production yet still allegedly find time to leak stories to the press," Rivera wrote of the whole ordeal, though she insists she wasn’t fired.

"I think Rachel— erm, I mean Lea— didn’t like sharing the spotlight," Rivera continued.

"In the end, I do wish that Lea and I had gotten along better, but I’m not losing sleep over it."

Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes, and Growing Up (TarcherPerigree) is out now.