Justin Bieber Splits from Sofia Richie!

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Sofia Richie and Justin Bieber: In Love?

Sorry, excuse us.

We were just doing our impression of Justin Bieber fans across the globe right about now.

What has them jumping, running and screaming for joy? The news that Bieber and Sofia Richie have called it quits.

Indeed, according to Us Weekly sources, the couple has ended its relationship after six very intense and equally controversial weeks.

Bieber and Richie (who was only 17 years old when the stars went public with their romance) first made real waves when they took a trip to Tokyo together this summer.

The teenage model was accompanying the singer on a leg of his world tour and cozying up to him on the street... in the backseat of a car... and even in a hotel room.

It was impossible for any Belieber to be in denial about this relationship after seeing photos such as these online:

Sofia Richie with Justin Bieber

Not long after these pictures went viral, many of Bieber's followers started to harass Richie.

They said mean things about her even and even threatened her life on occasion.

This prompted Bieber to stand up for his new girlfriend by telling his fans to calm down... or else he'd make his Instagram account private.

“I’m gonna make my Instagram private if you guys don’t stop the hate this is getting out of hand," Justin wrote in mid-August, adding at the time:

"If you guys are really fans you wouldn’t be so mean to people that I like."

People he likes.

This was far more of an admission than Bieber typically makes when it comes to women he's rumored to have plowed.

It was a clear sign that Richie was more than just some random fling.

Later, Bieber actually went ahead and deleted his Instagram account after ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez stuck her nose into Bieber's business, telling him to lay off his fans and keep his private life to himself.

Basically taking advice, Bieber pretty much did so for the rest of his relationship with Richie.

Witnesses claimed to have spotted the pair out here and there, but Bieber hasn't uttered a word since about the teenager.

The two did take a vacation to Mexico together in celebration of Richie turning 18 years old, however. That much we know for certain.

So... what prompted their break-up?

According to an Us Weekly insider, things started “cooling off” between Justin and Sofia earlier this month.

That's the extent of the information we have to go on right now, but Gossip Cop (a website that takes pride in only reporting the hard truth) has confirmed this split.

Just a few days ago, Richie spoke publicly for the first time about Bieber.

“Justin is very easy to talk to, and that’s hard to find with people in Los Angeles,” the model told Billboard.

Richie went on to say that she has a "special relationship" with the beloved singer.

Richie and Bieber were last photographed together in Los Angeles on August 26, as they really did take their romance underground for awhile.

And now it's over.

And we're left with one question:


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