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Earlier today, Radar Online published a shocking report in which the site claimed to have identified the “A-list star” who allegedly raped actor Corey Haim when he was a child star just getting his start in Hollywood.

Haim died of a drug overdose in 2010 at the age of 38.

Many who were close to Haim believe that being victimized in his youth set him on the downward trajectory that ultimately led to his premature death.

Radar opted not to name the man they believe to be Haim’s rapist, but the site claims that “Hollywood is poised” to reveal the suspect’s identity.

According to Radar the guilty party maintains “a family-man facade,” but is in fact “an evil monster who has led an extraordinarily twisted double-life.”

Not surprisingly, social media has been buzzing with speculation about A-list name behind these horrific allegations.

Countless theories have been bandied about, many bolstered by elaborate (if not always logical) arguments.

But there’s one star who seems to be attracting more suspicion than anyone else:

Charlie Sheen Makes HIV Reveal

Charlie Sheen worked with Haim on the 1986 film Lucas.

Haim was just 14 at the time of filming, and Sheen was soon to turn 21.

Rumors that the two of them were sexually involved on set have been circulating for years, in large part due to the following passage from a memoir written by Corey Feldman, one of Haim’s closest friends: 

Within hours of our first meeting, we found ourselves talking about “Lucas”, the film he made in the summer of 1985, the role I had wanted for myself.

“At some point during the filming, he explained an adult male convinced him that it was perfectly normal for older men and younger boys in the business to have sexual relations, that it was what all ‘guys do.’

“So they walked off to a secluded area between two trailers, during a lunch break for the cast and crew, and Haim, innocent and ambitious as he was, allowed himself to be sodomized.

“[That man] walks around, one of the most successful people in the entertainment industry, still making money hand over fist.”

Then there’s this quote from an interview in which Feldman was asked about his feelings on Sheen:

Well I have to be completely honest and say, I’m not a huge fan of Charlie Sheen. I don’t make it my goal to ever talk badly in the press, we’re all in it together, that’s the way I look at it, but Charlie in particular, especially the way that he’s affected other people that I know.

“Point blank, Charlie and Corey started their careers pretty much together, and Corey fought for his entire life to recover from those early experiences and to get his life together.”

Interestingly, it was Radar that first published the blind item about an A-list male star secretly being diagnosed as HIV positive that eventually led to Sheen revealing his illness in an interview with Matt Lauer.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Sheen is the culprit this time, but today that is being cited by media outlets as evidence that Radar has a track record of accuracy in reporting when it comes scandals that begin as blind items.

It’s important to note that Sheen has not been officially tied to the Haim allegations in any way.

As many have noted, Radar describes the unidentified celebrity as carefully maintaining a “family man facade,” which would hardly describe Sheen.

According to The Superficial, other stars who have garnered the suspicions of social media and celebrity news outlets in connection with the Haim allegations include John Travolta, Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, and Robert Downey Jr.

We will have further updates on this story as more information becomes available.