Jill Duggar Finds Midwife Work Under Sketchy Circumstances

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For years now, Jill Duggar's career as a midwife has been a source controversy amongst the Duggar faithful.

Jill Duggar Baby Bump Image?

Jill has been accused of faking her midwife certification and assisting in home births despite not having received the proper training.

But despite the public's misgivings, Jill is still in possession of a CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) license, and she continues to practice what she considers her calling.

After a year of performing missionary work in El Salvador, Jill and husband Derick Dillard are back home in Arkansas, and it seems Jill has wasted no time in returning to her controversial career.

On Tuesday, the 24-year-old posted the below photo to her Instagram page:

Jill Duggar Midwife Photo

She captioned the pic:

"I got to help deliver this little cutie this morning! So special! #childrenareablessingfromthelord #earlymorningbirth #midwife #homebirth"

The pic was also shared by A Mommy's Butterfly, a midwife service based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Whoever operates AMB's social media accounts captioned the pic:

“We’re tickled pink and glad To say, their little girl was FINALLY Born this day! We introduce Aspen born at 4:48 am weighing 6lbs 4oz 18″ long!! Happy to have big brother’s baby catcher back to help mama again!!” 

Jill, Derick and Israel Dillard Photo

So it seems that Jill also helped deliver little Aspen's older sibling.

It also seems she's back to working with an organization that very nearly landed her in some serious hot water last year.

AMB is owned by a woman named Venessa Giron, who had previously operated out of Arkansas.

Giron relocated after losing her license state licensing following an allegedly botched home birth that Jill was reportedly a part of.

Last year, Giron was sued by an Arkansas woman named Tiffany Nance, who claimed that Giron and Jill had refused to call 911 during her painful and difficult delivery.

Der and Jill

Nance also says she was diagnosed with Group B Strep, an infection that's known to be extremely harmful to newborns, but Giron refused to administer antibiotics.

Nance's daughter spent 54 days in the hospital following her birth, and she was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Nance blames Giron and has slammed Jill Duggar as an incompetent midwife.

Yet, here's Jill, not only continuing to deliver babies with a woman who's been stripped of her license, but posting about it on social media.

Further proof that when it comes to scandalous situations, the Duggars have a short memory and don't know when to back away.

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