Jill Duggar: Slammed as Incompetent Midwife By Angry Mother!

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Jill Duggar and her family are currently living in Central America, where Jill has reportedly been working as a midwife in addition to performing other missionary services.

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It's a noble pursuit to be sure, but it's been widely rumored that Jill and husband Derick Dillard had ulterior motives in leaving the US.

Some believe the newlyweds hoped to escape the fallout created by the Josh Duggar sex scandals.

Others say their humanitarian work was initially a scam designed to rebuild their family's reputation and bilk fans out of donation funds. It sounds far-fetched, but Jill and Derick were forced to return money after they were caught secretly spending time at home in Arkansas when they were supposed to be abroad.

Still others believe that the couple headed south of the border due to allegations that Jill had faked her midwife certification.

A Harvard Medical School professor publicly accused Jill of being a "counterfeit midwife" and performing her job duties without the proper training.

Shortly thereafter, the Dillards announced their plans to relocate to El Salvador.

Unfortunately, it now looks as though Jill's decision to accept a midwife position that she wasn't qualified for may have already caused serious harm by that time:

In the latest issue of In Touch, an Arkansas woman by the name of Tiffany Nance reveals that she believes Jill and her former boss, Venessa Giron, are responsible for her child's birth defects.

Nance says that her delivery was complicated from the start, but Giron and Jill refused to call 911 despite her pleas.

“I was crying and screaming out in pain,” Nance tells the tabloid.

Nance claims Jill and Giron refused to administer antibiotics in the lead-up to her delivery (Nance was infected with Strep-B at the time.) and they attempted to downplay the situation when she experienced complications.

In an odd twist, Jill's brother John-David Duggar, an EMT, drove the ambulance that arrived when Jill and Venessa eventually called 911.

Sadly, Nance believes that by then it was too late.

Her daughter spent 54 days in the hospital and now suffers from cerebral palsy. Nance believes that Giron and Jill are to blame for her condition.

“Every doctor calls her a miracle,” she says. “My daughter could have died.”

Asked about Jill Duggar, Nance replies, “If Venessa’s the only person she’s trained under, I don’t think she’s qualified.”

The Duggars have yet to respond to this latest controversy.

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