Jill Duggar Accused of Faking Midwife Certification

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Last  week, Jill Duggar told family, friends and fans that after years of extensive training, she had finally become a certified midwife.

Jill posted the photo below on her Instagram page, and husband Derick Dillard boasted about her achievement on their family blog:

Jill, Derick and Israel Dillard Photo

"It’s official; my wife is a midwife!" Derick wrote on September 18. 

"As of Wednesday, September 16, and after the 7-hour comprehensive exam for certified professional midwifes, she is now “Jill Dillard, CPM."

"And if anybody knows how much hard work it has been for her, it’s me. Jill has been very disciplined and sacrificed a lot to get to this point."

"So much so, that I don’t have the capacity within this brief blog post to give all the details to do it justice."

Sounds like quite the accomplishment.

Unfortunately, someone who knows a lot more about this sort of thing than Derick does - namely, a Harvard Medical School professor named Dr. Amy Tuteur - says Jill's certification is fraudulent, and she is not qualified to work as a midwife.

“Jill Duggar Dillard did not become a midwife," Dr. Tuteur wrote on her blog on September 22. Rather, "She became a counterfeit midwife."

How so?!

"She was awarded an ersatz credential (CPM, Certified Professional Midwife) designed to fool the public into believing that lay people who can’t be bothered (or can’t hack) the education and training needed to become a real midwife are ‘midwives’ nonetheless."

"The CPM really means ‘counterfeit professional midwife.’"


Dr. Tuteur goes on to compare Jill to someone who simply decided to declare himself a doctor without completing any of the necessary training.

This accusation comes on the heels of Jill and Derick asking fans for donations for a mission trip that appears to have never taken place.

After repeatedly giving the impression that they intended to spend the foreseeable future in El Salvador, Jill and Derick are back in Arkansas.

Their unexpected (and very premature) return comes just weeks after the couple accepted money that was supposed to fund their extended stay in Central America.

This latest scandal comes on the heels of outrage over Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald asking fans for money online.

Yes, it seems Josh Duggar isn't alone in his ability to attract the wrong kind of attention to his family.

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