Jenelle Evans: Sex Tape Offer "Flattering" ... But Against My Morals!

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Jenelle Evans is speaking out about the sex tape offer she received, saying she is so flattered but not interested ... for reasons that may shock you.

Well, you wouldn't be taken aback if we were talking about a normal person, but from the Teen Mom 2 Tornado, her moral stance is surprising.

Red, White and Jenelle

“They contacted my lawyer to offer $1.5 million,” the star said, confirming that Vivid indeed tried to commission a Jenelle Evans sex tape.

“I told my lawyer to respond for me and say, ‘No thank you, not interested but flattered,'" Evans added, and for her, the reason was simple:

"My future and reputation is more important than a quick buck. And it’s against my morals as a person. That’s just so disrespectful to yourself.”

Wow. Jenelle, taking the long view? Miracles do happen.

The oft-troubled Carolina Hurricane says she’s focused on graduation and then regaining custody of son Jace from her mother, Barbara.

“We’re trying to work together, me and my mom, to try to come up with a solution,” Jenelle said. “We’ve been on good terms lately."

"She sees that I’m trying to get myself prepared for my future. And that’s the most important thing to me, and I think she appreciates that.”

“I’m so busy with school and my externship,” the medical clinical student, who just got back together with Nathan Griffith, again, goes on.

“I’m trying to tell my mom, my lawyer, and everyone, I’m like, ‘Look, I know Jace is important [but] my graduation is coming up in July.’"

"So I mean, that is just, it’s the No. 1 priority right now.”

Who is this person and what has she done with Jenelle?

Seriously, these quotes are way too mature and reasoned for us to process. We're not quite sure what to do with straight-arrow Jenelle.

That's a good thing, of course, even if it means fewer sensational headlines ... well, maybe. She still did get arrested earlier this spring.

And for you hornballs who really want to see some Teen Mom fornication, we've heard there is a Mackenzie McKee sex tape out there.

Oh, and Backdoor queen Farrah Abraham obviously.

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