Collin Gosselin: Sad Reasons For "Special Needs" Treatment Revealed

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When Kate Plus 8 returns in 2017, the polarizing, controversial, titular TLC reality star will have a whole hell of a lot of explaining to do.

There may not be a parent of eight with higher negative approval ratings anywhere. Actually, never mind, we forgot about Octomom.

But the point remains:

Kate Plus Eight

Kate is a figure who is under heavy scrutiny on her best day, and recent days have not been her best by any stretch of the imagination.

As fans know, Kate recently revealed that her young son Collin was sent away to a treatment center for what she calls “special needs.”

The reality star, however, refused to elaborate on the nature of her 12-year-old’s troubles, even as she was exploiting them for attention.

Vintage Kate.

Now, however, Radar claims to know the source of the adolescent's deep-seated problems that landed him in a Philadelphia-area facility.

It's not pretty ...

"Collin has serious anger issues,” an insider close to the 41-year-old reality star says, in what is widely assumed to be the case.

“He frequently lashes out.”

The boy has demonstrated erratic behavior from an early age. Kate wrote a harsh letter to Collin for “challenging” her authority. Seriously.

Even as a toddler, he acted out emotionally, and his issues were no doubt exacerbated by his parents’ divorce and dad Jon‘s absence.

“Collin desperately needed a mother and a father,” the source continues. “Now, he is very resentful and blames his mother for everything.”

Gosselin Family People Cover

Kate, who raises her enormous brood alone, for the most part, admits to “spanking” Collin during these outbursts in exposed diaries.

But years later, her own anger issues turned to pain as his mental state deteriorated to the point where he needed outpatient treatment.

“This has been extremely heartbreaking for Kate,” the source says, adding that she rejected help from friends in order to keep this private.

Very Jim Bob and Michelle of her.

“She is really struggling,” adds the insider, and Collin's not alone in the Gosselin household when it comes to deep emotional struggles.

Collin’s fellow sextuplet Hannah has also acted out, the source confirms, claiming that the 12-year-old ran away from home last year.

She refused to leave her father’s house for four days; Jon sought custody of Hannah after the pre-teen sought refuge at his residence.

While 15-year-old twins Mady and Cara have infamously shunned Jon, Hannah “loves her dad and feels bad for him,” the source explains.

“She’s very sensitive.”

Eventually, Hannah returned home to her mom, but problems between the two remain, the insider claims, with no immediate end in sight.

All of this stuff is frankly so disturbing, it makes the fact that she recently locked Aaden in a dog crate seem harmless by comparison.

That says a lot.

Kate Gosselin's Son
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