Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar: Breaking Up Over Josh!?

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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are on the verge of a breakup again, according to a new tabloid report, and you know who is at the crux of it all.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Break Up?!

In a way, it's a rehash of a rumor that's been circulating for months:

Despite the fact that his sex scandals have largely blown over, Jim Bob and Michelle are fighting over Josh and heading for divorce.

Ironically, Anna Duggar and Josh are on good terms after all this.

Anyway, one of the pariah's parents allegedly does not want anything to do with their first-born, while the other wants him back in the fold.

Can you guess which Duggar parent is which?

Josh and Michelle Duggar

In Touch magazine's latest cover story features a smiling Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and the "fight that split the family apart," supposedly.

The gossip publication claims that the pair has been at odds, and that while Jim Bob is ready to forgive his son, his wife isn't so sure.

Apparently, the tension has grown so thick that either Jim Bob or Michelle will be moving out of their Arkansas home in the near future.

Who will stay and who will leave the compound?!

Duggar Date Night

There are only two real possibilities here as we see it:

Either the cover above is entirely inaccurate, or Jim Bob and Michelle are doing one heck of a fine job masking whatever tension exists.

Just three days ago, he looked lovingly at Michelle in a birthday video message for son Josiah on the family's official Facebook account.

In the clip, Jim Bob extolled the virtues of his 20-year-old son and his "loving spirit towards people" while Michelle glowed by his side.

Like we said, they'd have to be really good actors.

Michelle, Jim Bob Duggar Photo

Jim Bob also gushed over Michelle in a recent anniversary tribute in which he also appeared to shade Josh, casting doubt on this story.

For all the recurring talk of the Duggars divorcing, that would come as nothing short of a monumental shock at this stage of the game.

Why? Consider the past, present and future ...

Whatever you think of them personally, the family's comeback from Josh's sordid scandals in 2015 has been nothing short of extraordinary.

TLC canceled 19 Kids and Counting pretty fast, but after a few months, Jill & Jessa: Counting On was reborn (then renamed Counting On).

If you watch Counting On online, the recent pivot toward Jill, Jessa and now Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo has been very effective.

The Duggars are back, and better than ever; Jim Bob and Michelle may be more in the background these days, but they're not invisible.

Nor are they stupid. On the contrary.

You might think of their values and lifestyle as incredibly backward, and there's an argument to be made for that. But they're not unintelligent.

They know what a valuable thing they have going lately and how the money train is back on the tracks following its interim derailment.

No way they're going to risk that.

Besides, have you ever heard of Duggars getting divorced? Do you know what a Covenant Marriage is and what that entails specifically?

Exactly. Not gonna be happening.

We have little doubt that there are differing opinions about Josh, both in terms of what he did and how do deal with him going forward.

They wouldn't be good parents - or human beings - if they didn't struggle internally with an issue that's as complicated as they come.

It's a big leap to go from that to divorce, though, especially given that this is JIM BOB AND MICHELLE DUGGAR we're talking about.

Josh may be the third trail that no one in the family wants to touch, but he's still family, and we expect things to be more or less status quo.

In other words:

Keeping the cheater off TLC cameras as long as possible, but slowly reintroducing him into family life on social media here and there.

And keeping a close eye on Josh's flip phone records. You never know what trouble that dude can get into, even on an archaic device.

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