Big Brother Recap: The Final Four Reign Supreme

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The Final Four are proving to be quite the alliance on Big Brother and it's bringing all the drama to a halt. 

We finally got up to speed on what went down before Thursday's live show and it was pretty spectacular. 

Meech continued to think she was super safe for the week, but she still had not talked game with Nicole, or even Corey. 

Victor Arroyo

This proved she genuinely thought the target was Paul, but it's almost like she just rolled over and let her game die. 

When Nicole revealed the truth to James and Natalie, they were pretty shocked. Neither James or Natalie had spoke game with Nicole throughout the week. 

There is such a thing as being too safe and that's usually when people are sent packing. Michelle's pleas for Corey and Nicole to keep her were hilarious. 

Michelle is the one who has made it crystal clear that she's going after Nicole and Corey, so why would they vote to keep her in the game?

The mind boggles and Michelle is probably sitting in the jury house crying right now, but her going was the best strategic move for Nicole. 

If Michelle stayed, she would have joined forces with Natalie and James to take out the rest of the house. She's too much of an emotional player to conceal her true intentions. 

It's totally understandable why Michelle resents Nicole. It's almost like Nicole has been inside an impenetrable bubble all season long. 

It's almost like Nicole only came in the house for a relationship and that won't go down well with the jurors. 

Michelle Meyer
Nicole Franzel on Big Brother 18

People have been playing the game, while Nicole just hung around with Corey and acted like she was on her summer vacation.

On paper, it's a terrible strategy, but look where Nicole is now. 

She's all but guaranteed to make it to final five and she's found love in the process. It would be intriguing if the relationship continued to flourish out of the house. 

The reality TV romances seem to have a shelf life and implode after the cameras stop rolling. 

At the HOH competition, Corey seemed to think he should throw the competition because he knew Paul and Victor were gunning for Natalie and James. 

It was a good tactic, but what if Nicole or Corey had to go up as the replacement nominee? That would have been his plan ruined. 

Also, putting his first egg in the HAVE basket pretty much proved to James and Natalie that he felt comfortable in the house. 

Nicole tried to lighten up the mood by throwing terrible jokes at her fellow houseguests and they were horrid. 

There was a time when Nicole was genuinely funny, but the way she's acted this season has made me change my perception of her. 

Victor won his third HOH competition of the season.

Natalie was furious with James after the competition because she knew they were being picked off now. She's livid that she actually trusted Nicole and Corey. 

The crazy thing about all of this is that James has gone back on his word multiple times, so he's not the most reliable player. 

James trying to cut a deal with Victor was hilarious. Victor made it clear that James cut him after doing his dirty work and that's why he was going on the block. 

Victor nominated Natalie and James.

James Huling
Natalie Negrotti

What do you think of all the drama?

Who do you want targeted this week?

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