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In case you haven’t noticed, Amber Rose is freakin’ everywhere these days.

Amber has her own VH1 show, she’s the new host of the popular Loveline podcast, she seems to get wrapped up in a new celebrity feud at least once a week, and of course, there’s her most visible gig of all…

Amber Rose and Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Photo via ABC

Yes, Amber is competing on Dancing With the Stars Season 23, which premiered on ABC Monday night.

As you’ve probably heard, Ryan Lochte being rushed by protesters overshadowed pretty much everything else that happened during the live broadcast, but thanks to Amber a new controversy is already in the works.

According to Radar Online, Amber has complaining to friends and production staff that she feels the show is rigged in favor of one specific contestant.

As the show’s most high-profile hoofer, you might Lochte would be the cause of Amber’s concern.

It turns out, however, that Amber is suspicious of a different recent Olympian:

Laurie Hernandez Photo
Photo via Getty

Yes, she’s only 16, and according to Wikipedia, her nicknames include "Cutie" and "the Human Emoji," but Amber believes they’re may be something sinister lurking behind beloved gymnast Laurie Hernandez’s perma-grin.

"Amber saw the way Laurie Hernandez was given the top spot in the GMA cast announcement and it made her think that they are playing favorites," an insider involved with DWTS tells the site.

"Amber feels like she is up against the system," the insider said.

The source adds that Amber is convinced "the show could be fixed, and not in her favor."

Rose reportedly feels that due to her famously sassy attitude, the show paired her up with its resident troublemaker, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, in order to give viewers a team of villains to root against.

Amber Rose for VH1
Photo via Getty

"Amber knows that the judges have had trouble with Maks, but she is determined to not give them anything to criticize," says the insider.

"Amber is very competitive. She wants to win and win on her own merit, but she’s afraid that that isn’t enough."

As for the idea that Laurie may have a natural advantage as a gold-medal winning gymnast?

Well, Amber reportedly has a few of her own tricks up her sleeve:

"Amber was a stripper so she has some seriously good moves," the source tells Radar.

"She’s definitely a good dancer."