Kim Kardashian: Terrified Amber Rose Will Spill her Sex Secrets?!

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As we reported earlier this week, Amber Rose is the new host of the Loveline podcast, and as expected, the model-turned-media-personality isn't shying away from giving details when it comes to her own sex life.

Amber Rose for VH1

Earlier this week, Amber talked about her first threesome (Turns out, she wasn't a fan of the experience.), and we're sure there are more bedroom revelations on the way.

Fans are overjoyed that Amber is suddenly everywhere (she's also got a new show on VH1, and she'll be competing on Dancing With the Stars this season), but there's at least one person who's not too thrilled about the Ms. Rose's ubiquity.

According to Radar Online, Kim Kardashian is deeply worried about Amber's podcast, as she figures (probably correctly) that on a show about sex, Amber will eventually talk about her relationship with Kanye West, whom she dated from 2008 to 2010.

“Kim is terrified!” an insider close to the situation tells Radar.

“When Amber Rose started her VH1 talk show, she made a pact with Kim to not bring up Kanye at all."

The source adds that the agreement apparently doesn't apply to other gigs:

Amber Rose Coachella Photo

“But with Loveline, she’ll be talking about her sex life, and part of Amber’s sex life includes Kanye.

"Kim is just hoping that she is not going to be dishing X-rated secrets to Loveline‘s millions of listeners."

Yes, Amber knows what Kanye likes, and there's a good chance she won't be shy when it comes to sharing that information with the public.

It may seem strange for a woman who rose to fame by starring in a sex tape to be worried about keeping her bedroom antics private, but there are various reasons that Kim's concerns are valid:

For one thing, Kim didn't get to be as famous as she is by letting other people spill the beans about her sex life.

For the Kardashians, the details of their private lives are valuable commodities, and Amber has the goods in a way that few other family outsiders do.

On top of that, she's already proven that she's willing to go there in terms of her discussing what Kanye likes in bed.

Remember the #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch hashtag?

If not, click on that link and enjoy.

Christmas just came early this year.

And soon, we'll probably be finding out if Kanye does, too. #Burn

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