Vin Diesel Teases Response to Dwayne Johnson: I'll Tell You EVERYthing...

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Vin Diesel has spoken out for the first time since Dwayne Johnson basically called him out on Instagram.

Vin Diesel on Instagram

A surprising brouhaha has erupted between Diesel and Johnson after the latter shared a scathing post on social media this week.

In a lengthy rant, Johnson made it clear he had some issues with at least one male co-star on the set of Fast 8.

"This is my final week of shooting Fast & Furious 8," Johnson wrote.

"There’s no other franchise that gets my blood boiling more than this one. An incredible hard working crew. Universal Studios Entertainment has been great partners as well. My female co-stars are always amazing and I love ’em.”

Okay, great. All is good then, right?

Dwayne Johnson Rips Fast 8 Male Co-Stars


“My male co-stars however are a different story,” the action star added.

“Some conduct themselves as stand up men and true professionals, while others don’t. The ones that don’t are too chicken sh*t to do anything about it anyway. Candy asses.

"When you watch this movie next April and it seems like I’m not acting in some of these scenes and my blood is legit boiling - you’re right.”

Whoa there! Shots fired!

At whom?

At Vin Diesel, it appears, with TMZ writing in detail about the problems Johnson had with Diesel throughout the filming of the latest installment in this beloved franchise.

And a follow-up report claims Johnson wasn't alone.

Diesel reportedly would show up late to the set... insult other stars... and generally act like disrespectful jackass while filming.

The Rock vs. Vin Diesel

Conversely, this same report had nothing but positive things to say about Johnson.

According to Fast 8 crew members, he was friendly, easy to work with and pretty much everything you'd expect from the popular star.

So... where does Diesel stand on all of this?

We'll soon find out.

On Wednesday night, Diesel addressed this feud for the first time, pretty clearly admitting he’s the one beefing with Johnson.

But not saying much else. Yet.

"So much has gone on this year. I can't believe I wrapped two back to back pictures I both starred in and produced," the 49-year-old action star captioned the following Instagram video on Wednesday night.

"Now I get to return to my family, my life... To me."

A video posted by Vin Diesel (@vindiesel) on

Diesel never directly addressed Johnson's comments.

Instead, discussed being home with his daughter, Pauline, who was named after the late Fast and Furious actor, Paul Walker.

"After being on set since literally Christmas to finally, finally, finally to come home," he says above.

"And to learn the little angel learned a new word. I'm going to have to share it with you, it's more important than anything. When I heard her say 'happy,' I just lit up in ways I can't even describe."

Diesel then paused before adding:

"So give me a second and I will tell you everything. Everything."

Consider us on the edge of our seats, Vin. We'll be right here, awaiting your next response to this saga.



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