Thomas Gibson: A History of Violence on Criminal Minds

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Thomas Gibson solves crimes as agent Aaron Hotchner on Criminal Minds.

But new reports have surfaced that make the veteran actor appear as if he's been on the wrong side of the fictional law all these years.

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We're not saying Gibson should be in jail, we're just writing a very poor segue to explain what has recently gone down with the star.

Earlier this morning, news broke that Gibson has been suspended from Criminal Minds.

The actor allegedly got into a heated dispute with one of the show's writers. When things grew especially tense, Gibson actually kicked the dude in the leg!

And Gibson has pretty much admitted to his inappropriate actions.

"There were creative differences on the set and a disagreement," he said in a statement, adding:

"I regret that it occurred. We all want to work together as a team to make the best show possible. We always have and always will."

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Now, new information has surfaced about the incident; about the writer; and about Gibson himself.

First, the writer: his name is Virgil Williams.

He serves as co-executive producer on the long-running drama and he’s a trained boxer. He’s also a practitioner of martial arts.

An insider tells TMZ that Williams possesses a “super-big macho ego” and that Williams may have egged Gibson on during their argument.

The website writes that Williams "escalated the verbal argument by making a move" toward Gibson in a highly aggressive manner."

As a result, Gibson's kick was sort of done in self-defense.

After it happened, Willams went to his agent... who went to CBS management... who had no choice but to punish Gibson.

Virgil Williams

So, yes, this makes it sound as if Gibson was kind of the victim.

But hold on:

TMZ also reports that he has a history of violent encounters on the set of Criminal Minds.

In 2010 Gibson, shoved an assistant director - in front of cast and crew - while shooting a scene.

At the time, he blamed it on the director, claiming the guy was moving too slowly. (So this was cause for a push?)

Gibson wasn't suspended at the time, but CBS executives did send him to anger management classes as a result.

Overall, Gibson has been aggressive and verbally abusive for YEARS on set, yet folks have remained quiet because he’s the show’s star.

It now looks like his behavior has finally come back to haunt him.

Gibson has been suspended for two weeks, but the punishment could last longer.

Criminal Minds Season 12 will kick off (pun, intended) on Wednesday, September 28 at 9/8c.

We can't say for certain, but it's safe to assume Gibson will be a part of the premiere.

That episode has probably already been shot.

But will we been Hotchner-free for a few installments afterward due to this suspension?

How will the show write the character out if so?

Time, folks, will tell.

Let's hope Gibson chills out and gets the attitude adjustment he seems to need until then.

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