Spencer Pratt SLAMS The Hills Special: They Just Didn't Want To Be Real!

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The Hills made a triumphant return to MTV on August 2, but not everyone was involved. 

In fact, it was all about Lauren Conrad. 

That was a bit disappointing. Usually when networks go with anniversary specials, they try to get everyone involved, but not on this occasion.

Spencer Pratt In L.A

Originally, The Hills was the story of Lauren Conrad, but the other people who took part were actually just as prominent as her. 

Kristin Cavallari took over from Conrad in the second half of The Hills Season 5, so it was a little bit odd they didn't at least try to get her involved in some capacity. 

Spencer Pratt was not impressed with the decision to focus on Lauren. It doesn't appear that he's out there to revive his feud with her. 

He's basically only crawled out of the woodwork to let everyone know that he and Heidi would return to the show in an instant. 

“I don’t care if I wasn’t in it,” Pratt, who says MTV never reached out to him about the special, tells EW.

“But at least do a real Hills reunion with the entire cast … It’s like, after 10 years, with all the real secrets, all the real juice, all the real behind-the-scenes, you’re just going to phone in some hokey little infomercial?”

There's not a chance in hell that he and Heidi would decline the opportunity to appear in another reality show. 

They know that's where they make their money. Hopefully they're more careful with their money these days and aren't still spending $400,000 on crystals. 

What even was that?

We did get to see a whole lot of never-before-seen footage, but it just didn't cut it. 

Spencer even came up with a great idea for a reunion. MTV execs take note!

“Let’s get everybody on a couch on a beach in Cabo drinking tequila, letting the secrets fly,” says Pratt.

What do you think about all of this?

Would you have had the rest of the cast on the reunion?

Hit the comments!

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