Maci Bookout: Accused of Drinking While Pregnant

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Last week, we learned that Teen Mom star Maci Bookout is pregnant with her third child.

Maci Bookout Pregnancy Photo

As you can see from the rather large bump, Maci was well into her pregnancy (about six months, to be exact) when she decided to share the news with fans.

Obviously, that's her prerogative, and she's free to keep the news to herself for as long as she wants to (or until MTV tells her it's time to go public for ratings purposes).

Unfortunately, the late announcement prompted Teen Mom fans to go scroll through Maci's old Instagram posts to look for early hints that she was knocked up.

What they found instead was evidence that Maci was acting very non-pregnant until quite recently:

Maci Bookout: Drinking While Pregnant?

That photo, which appears to show Maci drinking a beer at a University of Tennessee football game was taken six weeks ago, when Maci would've been over four months pregnant.

Maci can also be seen drinking in recent episodes of Teen Mom, which sources say were filmed while she was pregnant

Bookout says she didn't find out she was expecting until after she got engaged to Taylor McKinney on January 19.

So that means she may not have known she was pregnant when she was boozing it up throughout her first trimester.

These things happen, but some fans believe Maci isn't being completely honest about when she learned she was knocked up.

Like we said, that's quite a bump in the above photo, and it's tough to believe that it developed entirely in the last three weeks.

Anyway, Maci has proven to be a perfectly competent and loving mother to her first two kids, and as Teen Mom scandals go, this one is pretty minor.

We doubt she'd knowingly drink to excess while pregnant, but you can bet that won't keep her so-called "fans" from throwing shade.

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