Duggar Family Hints at New Courtship: Who Could It Be?!

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Last month, we learned that Jinger Duggar is dating Jeremy Vuolo.

Jeremy and Jinger

Shortly thereafter, it was revealed that Jinger and Jeremy are engaged.

Now it seems there could be more Duggar romances in the works, as TLC is teasing multiple marriages in the run-up to Jill & Jessa: Counting On Season 2.

Obviously, the network has been hard at work promoting the return of its most famous family, and one phrase featured in many of its advertisements has fans wondering if we might be seeing two Duggars get hitched this season:

"Could John David, Joseph and Josiah be pursuing courtships?” reads one advert.

Interestingly, the text was re-posted on the Duggar's official website as part of a blog post promoting the new season.

Naturally, the question has fans wondering what member of the massive brood might be the next to get hitched.

The first guess for many fans has been Josiah Duggar.

Josiah courted Marjorie Jackson for a brief period earlier this year.

You might remember that Josiah and Marjorie announced their relationship with a YouTube video as though they were running for office or something:

Unfortunately, the relationship fizzled without warning or explanation.

Fans only figured out something was amiss when they noticed that all photos of Marjorie had been deleted from Josiah's page.

Following the usual comments from both sides about how their split was amicable and they hope to remain friends, however, Josiah and Marjorie have been silent on social media recently.

So perhaps they're back on?

Other possibilities include John David and Joseh, both of whom are now in their twenties.

Sadly, there's been no mention of Jana Duggar courting.

It looks like she'll remain the Cinderella Duggar for at least one more season.

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