Lauri Peterson: My Son Is An Embarrassment!

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Lauri Peterson is not impressed with her son, Josh Waring. 

If you recall, Josh shot a man in the lower torso, before speeding off in a stolen BMW SUV. 

Lauri Peterson at the Premiere Party For Bravo's 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' 10 Year Celebration

He was then located by a helicopter from Orange County Sheriff's Department, but the madness didn't end there. 

Waring tried to evade the cops again, but it resulted in him causing a traffic accident. 

He then tried to make a break for freedom on foot, but was later found hiding out in a local business. 

As you can probably guess, he's currently in prison. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online, this probably didn't come as a surprise to you. 

He was obviously troubled. 

Lauri is pretty furious with Waring's actions and she's now refusing to visit him, or even take calls from him. 

There's also word on the street that Peterson used her son for ratings. 

Josh Waring “was a troubled child and he was trotted out by reality TV,” the insider blasted.

“He was used as a dancing bear.”

Okay then. 

The insider also had a lot to say about the news that Peterson ditched the show to help her son get through his tough time. 

“To say she quit the show to help him to get through his heroin addiction is heinous beyond belief,” sniped the insider.

“Lauri is not returning his calls,” noted the insider,” and she has visited him in prison just once.”

Lauri also refuses to believe that her son's upbringing had anything to do with the with the way he is acting. 

“All Lauri could say was, ‘How could you have done this! It’s humiliating, your childhood was not this bad,'” the insider told Radar of Peterson’s heroin addict son, who is currently sober. “Basically, she is saying Joshua is an embarrassment.”

What do you think about all of this?

Was Lauri right to cut her son off?

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