Josh Waring Arrested: A History Of Drug Use, Theft & More

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Ever since The Real Housewives of Orange County premiered in 2006, viewers have witnessed Lauri Peterson's struggle with her son, Josh Waring.

His behavioral and addiction issues have only worsened over the years, resulting in Josh Waring's arrest for attempted murder June 20.

Check out the series of arrests that have led up to this:

1. June 2008

June 2008
The troubled reality star was arrested in in June 2008 for possession of heroin and ecstasy and intent to sell, according to TMZ. He served 240 days in prison for the charges. Lauri reportedly found the drugs and called police.

2. Lauri Breaks Down Talking About Josh

In one of her final one-on-ones on 'The Real Housewives of Orange County,' Peterson choked up as shes spoke about her son's battle with addiction.

3. July 2009

July 2009
The troubled Southern California native was again busted for possession of narcotics and drug paraphernalia, for which he served 30 days in jail, according to TMZ.

4. April 2010

April 2010
TMZ reports that Waring was arrested for "battery on a spouse or significant other and false imprisonment," which both happen to be misdemeanors.

5. October 2013

October 2013
According to TMZ, Waring was arrested for allegedly stealing a 2005 Cadillac. In addition, he was charged with "possession of an opium pipe and needle, as well as attempting to destroy evidence."

6. August 2014

August 2014
Radar Online obtained police reports detailing Waring's arrest after he stole a $35 backpack and a $39 watch from Kmart. Police confiscated his personal belongings, which included "a box of Camel cigarettes filled with a used syringe, and glass meth pipe with 'burnt residue inside.'" Waring pleaded not guilty to charges of theft and possession of paraphernalia.

7. Josh's Daughter, Kennedy With His Older Sister, Ashley

Josh's Daughter, Kennedy With His Older Sister, Ashley
In 2015, Peterson told Bravo that she adopted Waring's daughter, who was born in 2012. "As most of the viewers know, I have a son and he's had just a lot of challenges. And he and his wife had a baby almost three years ago. He's really struggling and, well, they're both really struggling. And so [my husband] George and I elected to help out and we actually adopted Kennedy, and so we're raising her. It's been such a great experience because this is helping them out and hopefully they can get their lives together and be OK."

8. Lauri Says Goodbye To Reality TV

Lauri Says Goodbye To Reality TV
"Josh is not a stranger to problems. I truly believe drug addiction is a genetic illness," Peterson said after announcing she'd be leaving 'The Real Housewives of Orange County' after Waring's 2008 arrest. When she found heroin and ecstasy in his possession, Peterson said she was "shocked" and horrified.

9. June 2016 Arrest

June 2016 Arrest
Peterson has no issued a statement regarding her son's most recent arrest. His charges include attempted murder, vehicle theft, felony evading, hit and run, assault, and battery.

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