Sarah Hyland: Check Out My Boobs and Tattoo!

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Move over, Ariel Winter.

There's another Modern Family star who knows who understands the power of showing off her boobs and tattoos on Instagram, and she's making her presence known in a big way.

Sarah Hyland at the 2015 Emmys

In recent months, Sarah Hyland hasn't received quite as much attention online as her younger MF co-star, primarily because this is the Internet, and Ariel has huge boobs.

But believe it or not, with an astonishing 3.6 million, Sarah actually has significantly more IG followers than her onscreen sister.

Obviously, there are several reasons for her massive popularity:

She's spent seven seasons as one of the star's of one of TV's most beloved sitcoms, and despite what Amanda Bynes says, Sarah Hyland is not ugly.

Very far from it, in fact.

But Sarah might have received more online press and IG "likes" in the past week than at just about any other point in her career, largely because she took a page from Ms. Winter's book:

Sarah Hyland: Tattoo and Sideboob

Yes, that's a closeup of some key real estate on Sarah's torso.

Not that it's the focal point of the photo, but the text on the tatt reads "follow my heartbeat."

She captioned the pic:

"Got this tattoo by the amazing @_drwoo this past January but since it's been exactly 2 years since I was with my #hairtribe at the #hollywoodbowl I figured it would be nice to finally post it.”

The words are a reference to the beloved musical Hair, which Sarah appeared in a revival of in 2014.

We didn't catch her performance, but suddenly we're very glad that she landed the role. 

Bravo, Sarah. Bravo.

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