Lala Kent Shows Off New Face, Boob Job on Instagram

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Last week, we learned that Lala Kent is quitting Vanderpump Rules after just one season on the thinking mans' Jersey Shore.

But that doesn't mean that Lala is stepping away from public life entirely.

Lala Kent Modeling Photo

Far from it.

In fact, Lala is getting a lot of attention on social media today after she posted several photos that seem to indicate she's had some work done in recent weeks.

Some of this is fan speculation based on Lala's changing appearance.

But some of it is the result of the model and former reality star getting in front of the guesswork by verifying that she has made some changes to her face.

"We all know our angles when it comes to the camera," Lala tells her followers in the clip above.

"I've always had an issue with the fact that I've never had a great chin, and I've never had a really great jaw line."

Well, at least she's honest about it.

Besides, it's not like she did something unforgivable like record another song with James Kennedy.

Of course, some fans think Lala's alterations weren't all above the neck.

Lala Kent Boob Job Photo

The 25-year-old recently posted the bikini pic above, and several fans have commented that she looks to be significantly more top-heavy than she did before.

Considering how forthcoming she's been about her past cosmetic procedures, the fact that Lala hasn't responded to the boob job rumors is being taken by some fans as a tacit admission that she recently went under the knife.

Eh, whatever the case, she's looking great these days.

Watch Vanderpump Rules online and make liberal use of the pause button to try and determine for yourself if Lala is looking curvier these days.

It's research, dammit!

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