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Ready for a fresh batch of Kourtney Kardashian pregnant rumors?

The reality star only has herself to blame for the latest chatter surrounding her womb, considering the photos Kourtney recently shared on social media.

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In the first, posted above, Kardashian is sitting and chilling on a gold, inflatable swan.

But followers are obsessed with her hand in the picture. It certainly appears to be cradling a baby bump, doesn’t it?

This is major speculation on our part and on the part of others who have made similar comments… but WAIT!

Allow us to offer up some other circumstantial evidence:

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Hmmm… what a strategically-placed little dog, huh?

Typically, when it comes to Kourtney Kardashian bikini pics, we sit back, ogle away and appreciate the amount of skin being shown by this attractive star.

In this case, however, our focus is on Kourtney’s pooch; or, more specifically, on whether Kourtney placed it in front of her stomach on purpose.

Is she trying to hide something?

Yes? No? Maybe? We encourage reader feedback while we add another reason for us to wonder about whether Kourtney is pregnant with baby number-four.

Just a week ago, she posted a "#FBF" image of… herself while pregnant!

Yes, this was a flashback to many years ago. But could she be dropping yet another hint?

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Kardashian, of course, is already a mother of three.

She and Scott Disick share custody of Mason Dash Disick, Penelope Scotland Disick, Reign Aston Disick, the last of whom was born in December of 2014.

Kourtney broke things off with Disick about a year ago in the wake of cheating allegations, but they still spend a great deal of time together.

They just had dinner this past weekend at the restaurant Nobu in Malibu.

It’s to Kourtney and Scott’s credit that they continue to hang out despite past romantic differences, clearly making a true effortto co-parent.

But Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green did the same for several months after their split last summer.

And Fox just gave birth to her third child with Green, an unplanned pregnancy that simply happened because the long-time lovers had been hanging out a lot and gave in to temptation on at least one occasion.

Would anyone really be shocked if the same thing happened with Kourtney and Scott?

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Kardashian is yet to comment on these new pregnancy rumors.

And let’s be clear: there’s a good chance they really are mere rumors.

But there’s also some chance that Disick once again slipped one past Kourtney’s goalie and that this family will have yet another reason to make major news in the near future.

There’s also at least some chance that Justin Bieber is the father, considering those long-gestating Bieber and Kourtney hook-up rumors.

But we’re not prepared to live in a world where this is a possibility. Forget we even said it, okay?