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Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are officially set to go on yet another journey of parenthood.

With their brand new baby! Named Journey!

Hey, Megan Fox!
Photo via Getty Images for Paramount Pictu

E! News has broken the exciting news that Fox gave birth to the couple’s third child on August 4, 2016.

The newborn’s name is Journey River Green and he joins a family that includes these two parents parents; three-year-old brother Noah; and two-year-old brother Bodhi. 

Fox stunned the celebrity gossip world in April when she confirmed her third pregnancy.

It came as a shock not only because she fairly recently brought two other human beings into the world…

… but also because we thought she and Austin Green were headed for a divorce.

The previous summer, multiple outlets had reported that Fox had filed to end her marriage to the former Beverly Hills, 90210 star.

She didn’t deny these reports, certainly.

They definitely stopped living together and they appeared to be on the outs after five years after Husband and Wife and many years before that as Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

But you can’t fight true love, can you?

Megan Fox with Brian Austin Green
Photo via Jonathan Leibson

To their credit, both sides remained pretty quiet through the ordeal.

They are one of the most private twosomes in all of Hollywood, really.

Even after their separation was announced, Fox and Green were spotted out and about on many occasions, continuing to co-parent their kids.

We weren’t aware that they were knocking proverbial boots at various times, but can you really blame them? Look at both of these people!

Soon after news of pregnancy number-three went public, a source told E! that Fox and Green were dedicated to raising their family in a loving household.

"Brian and Megan have been working on themselves as individuals and things have gotten better between them as a couple," the insider told E! at the time.

"They have been getting along great. They are best friends and know each other very well."

The source added:

"They admire each other on how they are as parents and are looking forward to bringing their third child into this world."

Then, after weeks of will-they-or-won’t-they questions circulated around the Internet, Us Weekly confirmed that it was official.

It was true. It was 100% the case:

Fox and Green were back together!

This is fantastic news for their kids, but don’t think it will mean you’ll actually see the kids any time soon.

"I try to keep [the children] from television and movies for the most part because I think screen time – any sort of screen whether it’s television or iPad or iPhone – is really bad for their brain development, so I try to remove that from their lives," Fox previously told E!’s Marc Malkin.

"I’m going to deter them from ever being a part of social media because I think it’s detrimental to a child’s self esteem."

We’ll see how long that lasts.

For now, however, we send the couple and their newly-expanded family nothing but our very best wishes.

And, as always, we are so very jealous of Brian Austin Greeen…