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This week made it official, Bachelor Nation: Jordan Rodgers of The Bachelorette his achieved his #1 goal from going on the ABC reality show:

Getting a job in sports broadcasting! 

JORDAN on The Bachelorette

Oh, did we say that was his #1 goal?

We obviously meant secondary, tangential goal. Because you know, he totally went on the show to fall in love and that’s all there is to it.

Sensing sarcasm? Good, that’s the idea.

Regardless of his motives, Jordan is engaged to JoJo Fletcher and, fresh off The Bachelorette title, he’s moving on to bigger things.

Career-wise, that is. Not romance-wise.

A former Vanderbilt University quarterback, Jordan’s heading "home" in a way; Rodgers is joining SEC Network, a subsidiary of ESPN.

No one saw that coming … no one.

JoRo Tweet

Crazy, right? Borderline unthinkable.

For Jordan to go on the most popular reality show, make America (and Joelle Fletcher) fall for him, and build up 140,000 Twitter fans?

Then, after lamenting how his football playing days never quite panned out, to leverage The Bachelorette gig into a job in broadcasting?

Nothing short of uncanny.

We’re not saying Jordan is unqualified to look good on TV and talk about college football. In fact, he may even be perfectly cut out for it.

Still, it makes you wonder if – just if – The Bachelorette spoilers were on the money and he went on the dating show for the wrong reasons.

Also, sadly, this means he’ll probably update his LinkedIn page at some point. We say sadly because the current version is pretty all-time:

JoRo LinkedIn

Jordan was, apparently, formerly a “team leader” at some sports medicine thing, before he started his current job as a reality TV star.

A reality star who acted like a complete douche, but successfully wooed a hot girl and dodged talking about the Aaron Rodgers feud

Like a BAUSS.

Also notable from Rodgers’ LinkedIn page? Beyond the fact that no one knows what that job means? No one has endorsed him! At all!

What do you expect from someone who alienates his own brother and who most people seemed suspicious of from the very beginning?

Or someone who spelled fiancée wrong in that tweet above. Okay, now we’re nit-picking a little, but still. Step up your game, Mr. Broadcaster.