JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers: Already Fighting Hardcore!

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The Bachelorette's JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers are already struggling with their newfound engagement, a new report indicates.

Jordan Rodgers Bites (JoJo Fletcher)

No word on whether the turning point came when she woke up and realized she is JoJo Fletcher, and that she is engaged to Jordan Rodgers.

Just kidding. Not really though.

In all seriousness, The Bachelorette spoilers have suggested for months on end that Jordan not only prevails this season, but beyond that:

JoJo Fletcher and her final rose recipient are essentially DOA and while they may talk a good game, they are not long for this world.

In terms of coupledom, that is. Not literally.

They are both young and healthy, as far as we know. At least physically, they are one of the more attractive couples you'll ever encounter.

What's going on in their heads, though?

Jordan Rodgers in Pitch Perfect 2

Did she think she would have a chance to meet Clay Matthews (above, with Jordan, in Pitch Perfect 2), or Aaron Rodgers, if he won?

Did she believe that even though he allegedly went on the show to boost his career prospects, he really did fall for her head over heels?

Regardless of whether he went on the show for the right reasons, Rodgers has been dogged by scandal and controversy ever since.

Even in their After the Final Rose sit-down and subsequent media tour, you could tell there were signs of tension between the lovebirds.

They tried to put on a united front, and most of the time they succeeded, but if the gossip blogs and tabloids bother them that much ...

... is there more to it?

Yes, JoJo Fletcher's engagement ring is absolutely mammoth and Jordan penned an open letter to his beautiful bride-to-be on Instagram.

But if anything, that looked like him trying to hard to quiet the haters, and recurring reports of trouble in paradise certainly seem believable.

There are "petty disagreements," according to one insider, but these arguments suggest bigger trouble for JoJo, who "is really worried."

"Things are off to an OK start with JoJo and Jordan but it’s all far from perfect," the source said, noting that it isn't ALL bad. Yet at least.

She and Jordan "have been very excited and love all the attention, but they do fight and that has JoJo very concerned,” the insider said.

What could they possibly fight about?!

“Their arguments so far have been about petty things and nothing heavy, but the disagreements scare them both,” the source added.

So ... not about Brittany Farrar or the fact that Olivia Munn hates him, just the normal day-to-day things couples go at each other about.

Maybe these are just bumps in the road that they will soon overcome together? Another source says don't stick a fork in the duo yet.

Yes, the couple’s relationship is “far from perfect,” but they have really been focusing on making it work, the insider says, JoJo especially.

Fletcher is “doing her best to trust and love Jordan,” even if she “she still has doubts” ... she really wants to “have a fairytale ending.”

Sounds really optimistic, doesn't it?

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