Jenelle Evans Complains About Finances: I'm Too Rich For Welfare!

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Jenelle Evans wants your pity.

Jenelle Evans Making Silver and Orange Work!

The Carolina Hurricane wants you to feel bad for her not because she's fighting two custody battles at once, or because she has the world's worst taste in men, or even because we all found out she's pregnant from a police report.

No, Jenelle believes she deserves your sympathy because of her financial situation.

You might be saying to yourself, "Wait, hasn't Jenelle been part of a wildly successful TV franchise since before she was old enough to pay her own bills?"

The answer to that is, yes, Jenelle has long been famous, but she's never been sane, so even though his significantly more well off than most young single moms, she can still find reasons to complain about money.

It all started when former 16 & Pregnant star Nikkole Paulun took to Facebook to trash the Teen Mom franchise as "fake."

Paulun suggested that the girl's conflicts are staged to create a false sense of drama.

Not surprisingly, the Queen of Teen Mom Drama was less than pleased.

"We struggle just as much as any moms," Jenelle wrote in a now-deleted rant. 

"The richest parents in the world still have challenges raising their children. No one intentionally does this to be on TV and actually teenage pregnancy rate has dropped since this show has been on the air."

Though we'd take issue with Jenelle's assertion that "no one intentionally does this to be on TV" (some young ladies have certainly tried) we understand the gist of what she's saying here.

Basically (we think), she's saying wealth and fame don't solve every problem, and raising kids is tough no matter who you are.

Of course, this is Jenelle Evans we're talking about, so she immediately goes off the rails with the kind of "world's smallest violin" rant that might earn her a job as a financial advisor to the Trump campaign:

"We financially struggle as well.. everyone thinks our lives are just full of money," Jenelle wrote.

"We pay hundreds of thousands in taxes every year, we cannot get government assistance, if we go to school we pay in full and cannot get financial aid, can’t get WIC, food stamps, section 8 (which makes us pay rent in full on top of water and electric), if your credit is bad like mine was then you cannot finance even a car for your family and take more money to buy a car in full."

Yes, she really went there with the "I'm so rich the government won't pay my rent!" argument.

We're surprised she didn't follow it up with a Kickstarter campaign called "Make Jenelle's Show Collection Great Again!"

We say, if Jenelle's having such a hard time, maybe she should take a page from Farrah Abraham's book launch a few random business ventures.

Who wouldn't buy furniture from Jenelle online?!

Oh, right - everyone.

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