Ariel Winter Swimsuit Photo Just Made This Summer Even Hotter

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And now, a public service announcement from Ariel Winter:

Ariel Winter Camel Toe Photo

Summer is the best time of year. By a considerable margin.

The 18-year-old Modern Family star proved this and then some by donning a daring, one-piece yellow swimsuit on Sunday, celebrating life.

And National Sister's Day at the spa with her older sister.

Winter and her sister slash one-time legal guardian Shanelle Gray enjoyed some rest and relaxation together - the best sibling bonding.

"Ready to #relax in the #spa #getaway #sister #trip," she captioned the pic - maybe even better than the recent Ariel Winter topless effort.

A-Dubs also Instagrammed a photo of her and Shanelle in matching black outfits, showing off some leg in a pair of knee-high stilettos:

Ariel Winter, Sister

"Happy #nationalsisterday from me and my b;)" Winter wrote.

It's Ariel's world, and we're just fortunate enough to love in it.

Anyone who says otherwise is officially out of their minds, as we saw when Winter slammed body shaming trolls on social media recently.

"I think there are so many bigger issues in the world that we should be focusing on than what we're wearing," the actress said.

"I've been body shamed for just about everything."

"When I got tattoos" in particular, she added, "every single person on the face of the planet had something to say about it.  

"It can destroy a person, and I think it's disgusting that's what people spend time on," she told ET, but she's been battling back.

Winter has made great strides with her own body confidence, as evidenced rather obviously in some of her racier Instagram offerings.

"I've been through a rollercoaster with myself definitely, growing up in the public eye," she said, reflecting on her self-image.

"But I think now as I've gotten older… I've had so many people help me learn to accept myself and that's been really amazing for me."

And for us, Ariel. Also for us. Every day.

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