Jenelle Evans Lets Jace Ride Dirt Bikes: Are Her Kids in Danger?!?

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Jenelle Evans recently took a photo of her son, Jace getting ready to ride a dirt bike.

Jace Evans Motorbike Pic

Naturally, I freaked TFO out along with a few other concerned citizens at the sight of Jace with a dirt bike.  

However, it turns out that kids as young as 10 can ride, so long as they're taught how to use it, along with safety precautions.

Jace turned 7 on August 2nd, and the culture in his mom's hometown may support kids getting on dirt bikes at an early age.  

All it took was one person to ask if it was safe for someone as young as Jace to start riding.

"most kids start way younger than partner races off-road and started at 4," one person commented on the photo after another asked if 7 was too young to start riding.

"Noo way. Not to young at all. Many kids start even younger than 7 :)," a second person agreed.

"Gotta learn somehow!" another wrote.  "I rode horses before I could walk! Stupid people."

One person helpfully pointed out that Maci Bookout's son, Bentley also rides.

"Maci [sic] son has been riding a dirt bike since he was like 3 and nobody bats an eye. Jenelle let's her son at 7 and people go crazy."

OK, so it's clear that Jace has the green light to ride off into the sunset (and be home by dinner).

Jenelle Evans with her kids

"My son started out at two on his PW50 he will be 3 in 2months," another follower wrote on Instagram It just depends on the parents, but she should really have better boots on him that's for sure."

Another person brought up the time Adam Lind took his and Chelsea Houska's daughter, Aubree on a dirt bike.  Aubree came home with a minor knee injury and informed Houska that she wasn't wearing a helmet at the time.

So, it turns out that a few of the Teen Mom children are capable of riding dirt bikes, which is officially MTV's legacy.  

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